TikTok Says About Potential Consequences of Banning Platform in US

TikTok stated that the ban on this virtual platform in the United States would be a factor in hurting freedom of speech and harming local businesses.

TikTok Says About Potential Consequences of Banning Platform in US

The mentioned statement was made by the specified social network on Sunday, April 21, the day after the House of Representatives passed legislation according to which the digital platform will be outside the juridical legitimate area if its owner, which is the Chinese company ByteDance, does not give up its share within a year.

TikTok’s statement notes that the said legislation violates the rights to freedom of speech of 170 million residents of the United States, devastates 7 million businesses, and stops the functioning of the social network, which annually brings $24 billion in revenue to the US economic system.

The TikTok ban became a realistic and practically guaranteed scenario after Republicans added a corresponding provision to a broader package of foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Supporters of the ban on the functioning of this virtual platform in the United States argue that the appropriate decision is a necessary measure to ensure national security.

The legislation has yet to be approved by the Senate and signed by US President Joe Biden. It is worth noting that after completing all the necessary legal procedures, TikTok’s ban will not be instantaneous. ByteDance is given nine months to start implementing the sale deal. If the company takes appropriate action, it will be given three more months.

It is worth noting that litigation may exacerbate the TikTok problem in the United States. This probability was formed against the background of the social network’s intention to challenge the law in court within the framework of the position of legal protection based on the First Amendment.

Ro Khanna, a Democrat from California, and a member of the House of Representatives, said in a comment to the media that he voted against the legislation, noting that Congress could act within the framework of a different methodology to go after TikTok, which does not contain a threat to freedom of speech. According to him, it’s a sign of the Beltway being out of touch with where voters are.

The threat of a TikTok ban has not become an obstacle for brands to use the vast audience of young users of the social network to stimulate interaction and sales. It is worth noting that users of this virtual platform demonstrate a high level of activity. They spend a lot of time watching content and interacting intensively with the social network. This level of engagement forms a territory of opportunities for brands in the TikTok corporate virtual space. Intensive user interaction with the social network means that the presence of companies on this digital platform will allow them to improve their recognizability and effectively interact with the target audience.

TikTok also has a bustling community of influencers who have many loyal followings. Working with these influencers will help brands interact more effectively with their target audience and increase their credibility among potential customers.

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