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Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature: Big Picture in Small Details (Part 3/3)

A New York City sewer wave recently swept the crypto industry, and it’s no secret that the flood began beneath 33 Liberty Street. But now the foul odor has spread well beyond the financial district, revealing mismanagement and incompetence which riddles the US government and traditional finance (TradFi) banks, at least where the economy is […]

Blockchain & Crypto

Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature: Big Picture in Small Details (Part 2/3)

The end of Silvergate, Silicon Valley, and Signature banks, in three not-so-concise parts, examines deficiencies of centralized cryptocurrency companies, impotent scrambling of the US banking system, administrative pushback against decentralized finance in the US, and the outcomes for the public and the crypto industry.


UBS to Buy Credit Suisse, While Central Banks Try to Soothe Market Turbulence

UBS Group will buy Credit Suisse Group for 3 billion Swiss francs ($3.23 billion) in a historic deal backed by Swiss authorities, as problems in the global banking sector persist


FedNow Instant Payment System to Launch in July

The U.S. Federal Reserve has confirmed its long-awaited instant payments system FedNow, seen as an alternative to CBDCs and stablecoin payments, will launch in July


Who Is and Isn’t Feeling the Unofficial Recession?

“The credit market is clearly telling the equity market: we don’t see a recession, and if we do see one, it will be a mild one,” says head of international fixed income at NatAlliance Securities, as quoted by the Financial Times. And yet, the current inflation is deemed “the hottest” in four decades. The first […]


China’s digital currency to be piloted in McDonald’s and Starbucks

These US companies are among 19 others taking part in the digital currency trial in Xiong’an

Finance & Economics

US leading banks put more cash into economy

Buybacks inflate the value of the shares the investors hold


Throwback Thursday: 7 oldest central banks of the world

Some of the central banks have existed for more than 300 years