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Adobe Releases Acrobat AI Assistant

Adobe released its artificial intelligence-based digital assistant on Monday, April 15.

Adobe Releases Acrobat AI Assistant

The mentioned virtual product will help users understand the content of documents. In this case, it means the operation of artificial intelligence with digital arrays of information. Access to the virtual assistant based on machine intelligence will be provided to users subject to subscription, the monthly fee for which starts at $4.99.

Moreover, Adobe launched a free mobile version of the digital product in beta. This modification of the virtual assistant can respond to users’ voice commands. Adobe is also bringing its new digital product to Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome extensions.

The company said that the subscription price for an artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant is an early access rate and will be reviewed in the future.

The digital product was first announced and launched in beta in February. The virtual assistant answers users’ questions about PDF files and other documents in Acrobat. In this case, the chatbot interface is used to locate specific information, generate summaries, and provide citations drawn from the text.

Adobe has stated that the virtual assistant can be used by taxpayers when analyzing documents. Also, a digital product can be useful to consumers who are faced with agreements on the terms of service, and students who compile study guides from academic materials.

Abhigyan Modi, senior vice president of Adobe’s document product group, told in a media comment that the company is currently working on expanding the assistant’s ability to support users working off of multiple documents at once. According to him, the approach to working with documents is somewhat different, since the firm does not develop its language models.

Also on Monday, it became known that Adobe is at an early stage of implementing third-party artificial intelligence tools, such as example, Sora from OpenAI. These tools are used within the company’s video editing software. The relevant information is contained in the official Adobe message.

The Adobe Premiere Pro app is widely used in the television and film industry. The company will add artificial intelligence-based functions to this digital product. In this case, AI capabilities such as filling part of the scene with objects generated by advanced technology are implied. Artificial intelligence functions can also remove distractions from the scene, eliminating the need for tedious manual work in a video editor.

Adobe has implemented the Firefly artificial intelligence model into its Photoshop software for editing still images.

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