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AI Platform to Analyze Creative Advertising Raises $5.1 Million

Startup Alison, which is based in Israel, announced that following the results of the preliminary round of financing, it managed to attract investment funds in the amount of $ 5.1 million.

AI Platform to Analyze Creative Advertising Raises $5.1 Million


This company specializes in the analysis of the creative component of the advertising business. An artificial intelligence-based tool developed by startup specialists studies huge arrays of advertising materials of various formats, focusing on font symbols, colors, sounds, and text. After that, the results of the analytical work are provided to users who can find out, for example, how decisions regarding color design or sound have affected the achievement of marketing goals.

A startup tool based on artificial intelligence sends customers not just a report, but a kind of invitation to a creative process based on data, which can, among other things, be uploaded to a production platform with generative AI, such as Midjourney.

Following the results of the financing round, the company received funds from investors, including a16z, Crescendo Venture Partners, and yellowHEAD, among others. The main competitors of the startup are VidMob, Replai, and Vizit.

Assaf Yanai, co-founder, and CEO of the firm says that the tool created by Alison specialists will help advertisers determine which components of competitors’ creative concepts are crucial for the quality of advertising and its effectiveness.

Alison does its work by analyzing advertising creative elements using more than 10 artificial intelligence models.

Yanai claims that the tool is currently studying 1 billion items on all social platforms. Facebook Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, AdWords, AdMob, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other platforms are supported by Alison.

The modern stage of the development of human civilization in the technological dimension is aimed at moving towards the active integration of artificial intelligence into the process of life. In appropriate conditions, AI will help teams of creative workers and media platforms to increase the level of efficiency by analyzing existing creative concepts and identifying their main components.

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