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OpenAI Closes $300 Million Share Sale

OpenAI startup, which has developed a popular conversational model of artificial intelligence ChatGPT, actively interacts with venture capital companies.

OpenAI Closes $300 Million Share Sale


Venture capital firms, including Tiger Global, Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Thrive, and K2 Global, have acquired part of the shares of this startup. The company also received investment funds from the Founders Fund. In total, venture capitalists provided the startup with investments in the amount of more than $ 300 million. The firm’s current valuation ranges from $27 billion to $29 billion.

These investments are a separate set of actions that exist autonomously from the financing from Microsoft. Preliminary data indicate that the amount of investment funds received by the startup from the technology giant is about $10 billion.

Microsoft’s investments are of strategic importance. Currently, the technology giant is actively working on integrating OpenAI developments into several branches of its business. In this context, venture capitalists are financial sponsors.

The media, referring to their informed sources, state that external investors currently own more than 30% of OpenAI shares. Some of these investors, including Tiger and Sequoia, found themselves in a difficult situation due to the financial crisis, which had a negative impact on the technology sector last year. A number of venture capitalists have reduced the intensity of investment, expecting an improvement in external conditions.

OpenAI is in an advantageous position. While investors, tormented by fears and doubts, choose startups in the field of artificial intelligence with the greatest potential and the least risk of a resounding failure, this company has already offered a sought-after product and occupies a strong position in the industry. This state of affairs may change dramatically, but the short-term prospects are positive.

Experts suggest that OpenAI can use new financing as an image tool, which is a kind of symbol that the firm is a reliable investment direction. The field of venture capital as a whole can be characterized as a territory of absolute unpredictability, where explosive growth, catastrophic decline, and incredible rebirth can occur at any moment.

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