Airbnb to Requiring Guests to Verify Their IDs

Airbnb will soon introduce a mandatory identity verification procedure for its customers before making a deal.

Airbnb to Requiring Guests to Verify Their IDs


Tara Bunch, head of operations at Airbnb, said that currently, 80% of the company’s bookings are subject to identity verification, but this procedure still has the status of an option. This means that identification is not mandatory. The company intends to transfer this procedure to the category of actions that users cannot refuse.

Tara Bunch says that the company’s decision is caused not by the fact that some people hide their identity when booking tickets, but by more global considerations. She noted that the lack of identity verification is automatically perceived by some consumers as a kind of permission to choose not the most conscientious form of behavior. The presence of a verification procedure, according to her, disciplines clients, reminding them of the control and possible consequences of negative actions.

As a result of the introduction of mandatory identity verification, Airbnb is approaching traditional hotels in terms of its operating principles.

The survey “New Reality Check: Paycheck to Paycheck Report: Economic Prospects and Sentiment” testified that in 2023, only 35% of American respondents intend to spend money on travel. Last year, travel was one of the main spending directions of US residents, regardless of their financial situation. After the coronavirus pandemic, these costs were a sign of recovery in the economy. This year, the situation may be different due to global economic processes of a negative nature.

The current strategy of Airbnb provides actionable steps to attract new customers. In response to consumer complaints, the company has changed the search system for a place temporary stay, adding all information about upcoming costs. In November, Airbnb presented a program for apartment owners who want to rent out their living space in order to receive additional income in the face of an increase in the cost of living.

As we have reported earlier, the ACCC filed a lawsuit against Airbnb.


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