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Amazon Announces AI Chatbot for Businesses

Amazon last Tuesday, November 28, announced a new chatbot called Q, which consumers will be able to use at work.

The mentioned digital product was announced at the Amazon Web Services Reinvent conference in Las Vegas. Experts described the new chatbot of the e-commerce giant, which currently carries out intensive activities in the sphere of artificial intelligence and the area of cloud computing, as an attempt to challenge Microsoft and Google in creating software designed to increase productivity.

Amazon’s new digital product was announced a year after the launch of ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI specialists. This development is the world’s most popular chatbot based on generative artificial intelligence, capable of creating text materials within the framework of the paradigm of working with information similar to the human approach to performing such tasks. The digital product created by OpenAI generates content based on simple commands from the user.

The chatbot announced by Amazon was named after the eponymous character in the James Bond films or the character Q in the TV show Star Trek. A preliminary version of the digital product is already available. Users can apply some of the features of the chatbot for free. After the end of the preview period, tier for businesses will be available subject to a monthly fee of $20 per person. A version of the digital product with additional features for developers and IT workers will cost $25 per person per month.

Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Duet AI for Google Workspace for Business are provided subject to a monthly fee of $30 per person.

As part of the initial stage of operation, the chatbot announced by Amazon will provide users with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the AWS functional database and troubleshoot problems. Consumers will be able to communicate with the digital thinking system in communication apps, such as Salesforce.

Adam Selipsky, CEO of AWS, during a speech at Reinvent apps for text editing Slack and software developers, will also appear in the online console.

There is information that the new chatbot will be able to provide links to documents to back up its responses as part of communication with users.

Adam Selipsky stated that Q automatically makes changes to the source code to facilitate the work of developers. He also noted that the digital product can be connected to more than 40 corporate systems. According to him, with the help of a chatbot, users will be able to discuss information stored in Microsoft 365, Dropbox, Salesforce, Zendesk, and AWS S3.

Also, as part of the interaction with Q, consumers will have access to such functional solutions as downloading documents and receiving answers about their contents.

Steven Dickens, vice president and head of practice at Futurum Group, a research firm in sphere technologies, believes that the new chatbot will change the rules of the game for AWS customers who have a variety of service options. He noted that the said company resisted creating an assistant based on machine intelligence for each service in its portfolio, which is why it is likely that in the coming months, the announced digital product will be widely distributed among developers and administrators of cloud services.

In recent years, Amazon has introduced several end-user apps. The company offers consumers tools designed for supply chain management, email, marketing outreach, video calls, customer service, and encrypted messaging. None of these products have become popular. Currently, the main share in the AWS revenue structure belongs to basic computing and data storage services.

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