Amazon Launches New AI-Powered Feature

Amazon on Monday, August 14, announced the launch of a new feature based on artificial intelligence, which highlights the most important and significant parts of customer reviews of products purchased on the e-commerce giant’s platform.

Amazon Launches New AI-Powered Feature

In the company’s blog, Vaughn Schermerhorn, director of the community shopping effort, said that the new technological solution provides for the placement of a paragraph on the product information page. This page publishes product characteristics and opinions about it, which are most often contained in customer reviews. The new solution will allow the consumer to make a more complete and more reliable idea of the product, as well as make a meaningful decision about buying or refusing this action.

Vaughn Schermerhorn stated that the generalizing reviews generated by machine intelligence contain the main information about the product and its individual characteristics based on user comments. He noted that the relevant information is available to a subset of mobile buyers in the United States. For example, a customer who wants to learn about the ease of use of a product can find information about it in the Highlights section of the Review.

The head of the public shopping department added that, depending on the reviews, Amazon may expand the Highlights Overview features for additional customers and categories in the coming months.

Over the past few months, the e-commerce giant has implemented more than one innovative solution based on artificial intelligence. For example, the company uses machine intelligence to identify damaged goods before sending them to customers. The training of this tool takes place on the basis of an array of images of intact products so that the AI can detect a discrepancy, which is a product that has undergone some degree of deformation. When machine intelligence detects a broken element, this element is redirected to the worker for verification. At the company’s facilities where the new tool is not used, warehouse workers check the products for possible damage.

In May, the media reported that the e-commerce giant uses artificial intelligence to obtain information about product locations in order to speed up the delivery process. The company also launched a project called Regionalization. In this case, artificial intelligence studies arrays of information and patterns to forecast which products and in which regions will be in demand in the future.

AI has the potential to transform the business environment. Industry research has shown that in the United States, approximately 40% of company executives believe that there is a need to introduce generative artificial intelligence into the activities of their firms. In this case, it is also necessary for business representatives to understand the degree of quality of the available resources that are necessary to take advantage of AI. The results of the study show that 62% of the surveyed executives of American companies believe that their firms do not have sufficient resources.

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