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Amazon Offers New Benefits for Prime Members

Amazon offers additional benefits for Prime subscribers using the Buy With Prime service.

Amazon Offers New Benefits for Prime Members

Last Tuesday, November 14, the specified e-commerce giant announced that as part of the new offers, customers of this company who purchase goods using the mentioned service have the opportunity to track the movement of orders in their accounts. Also, as a result of Amazon’s introduction of additional solutions for consumers, the round-the-clock client chat service was launched.

Another innovation of the e-commerce giant was the appearance of the opportunity to return a purchase using Prime orders in an even larger number of delivery points. In this case, an important feature is the absence of the need for a shipping box or label.

Peter Larsen, Amazon vice president of Buy With Prime, said that the company continues to innovate in the mentioned offer. According to him, the new solutions allow members of the Prime community to access an expanded assortment and a convenient shopping experience even outside

The Buy With Prime service was launched in April last year. As part of the e-commerce giant’s offer, sellers have the opportunity to sell certain products directly from their websites, making payments and order fulfillment services available when ordering a purchase. In this case, consumers can use their Prime membership to receive various benefits, including, for example, free shipping.

Initially, access to Buy With Prime was provided only by invitation. At the beginning of this year, the e-commerce giant expanded the purchase options with Prime to all eligible sellers in the United States. In August, the company reported that those merchants who use the mentioned program had conversion rates increased by 25%.

The e-commerce giant says its mission is to make smart home technology accessible to everyone, which is why the firm offers customers Buy With Prime and provides free delivery.

Amazon is not the only e-commerce giant that offers assistance to customers during the holiday shopping period. Last week, Google announced the launch of a special offers tab, which publishes millions of ads from thousands of brands and retailers in one place. Also, when users open a new tab in the Chrome browser on the desktop, they will now see the products that were recently viewed. Moreover, consumers will receive notifications about new promotions. Google is also introducing its price analysis feature, which is already part of Internet search, into the desktop version of Chrome.

In a message published on the blog of this Internet giant, it is noted that a dilemma is common among consumers when a person, having picked up the most suitable gift, thinks about the likelihood of a decrease in the cost of products after making a purchase. More than a quarter of customers say that they postpone the delivery of gifts for the holiday because later the goods will be available at a lower price.

As a result of the introduction of the new feature, the inscription Shopping Insights appeared in the Chrome address bar. In this case, users can see a graph of the 90-day price history for certain goods and a typical cost range for these products.

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