Amazon Reportedly Considers Expansion Into Veterinary Telehealth

The media reports that Amazon is currently exploring the possibility of expanding its corporate sphere of telemedicine into veterinary as part of its attempt to improve its position in competition with Walmart.

Amazon Reportedly Considers Expansion Into Veterinary Telehealth

This e-commerce giant has already taken steps to expand the scale of its presence in healthcare. The company, for example, acquired One Medical. But currently, the e-commerce giant as a functional unit is present only in the human healthcare space. The company does not have any positions in the sphere of veterinary medicine yet. At the same time, Amazon is the dominant player in the pet food and supplies market.

Media insiders who reported that the e-commerce giant is considering starting activities in veterinary, wished to exercise the right to anonymity, noting that discussions on this issue are held in private.

Veterinary telemedicine services provide consumers with the opportunity to sign up for virtual appointments with specialists of the appropriate profile.

In 2023, Walmart signed an agreement with veterinary telemedicine provider Pawp to provide Walmart+ subscribers with free access to the corporate community of this brand. According to media reports, Amazon may establish cooperation with the mentioned partner of its main competitor. The e-commerce giant can also interact with dozens of other startups working in the sphere of veterinary telemedicine.

Amazon’s efforts to expand its business into the healthcare area for people have mixed results. The company may have a similar experience in veterinary medicine. At the same time, the e-commerce giant is actively demonstrating its focus on servicing the life process of pets. For example, this year Amazon launched an ad telling about a rescue dog and how her family turned to the company when they needed food supplies.

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