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Amazon to Add Generative AI to Marketplace Search

Amazon intends to introduce a ChatGPT-style product search system into its online store.

Amazon to Add Generative AI to Marketplace Search


The presence of the e-commerce giant’s intentions to integrate artificial intelligence into the search engine is evidenced by job advertisements recently published by the company. For example, the vacancy announcement for a senior software development engineer indicates that the company plans to change the concept of Amazon Search by introducing an interactive communication format. The e-commerce giant intends to help customers find answers to their questions, as well as provide an opportunity to compare products and receive personalized offers.

The job advertisements indicate that the company is looking for the best and most talented employees who will help implement the new concept of the search engine and convey this vision to consumers as a ready-made technological product. Amazon announces a once-in-a-generation transformation of Search.

Another job advertisement concerns a vacancy that provides participation in the implementation of an initiative related to artificial intelligence, which aims to fundamentally change and rethink search algorithms s using large-scale deep learning methods.

Amazon representative Keri Bertolino, in response to a media request about plans to introduce AI into the search engine, said that the company is investing in generative artificial intelligence, and did not go into details about this aspect of activities.

Interactive product search can potentially become the basis for a deep transformation of Amazon’s core retail business. The search bar at the top of the app and the home page has become the default gateway for millions of shoppers.

More than half of American buyers say that they start searching for goods on, which is higher than Google’s share. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted this year by Jungle Scout, a software manufacturer for sellers on Amazon.

Early implementations of AI by Microsoft, Google from Alphabet Inc., and other companies represent an imperfect experience since there were cases of errors in the answers to search queries. At the same time, this practice of using advanced technologies indicates the potential of Microsoft Bing or Google’s improved search tools to become a more valuable algorithm for satisfying product-related queries.

The Amazon search engine has been the object of negative criticism over the past few years. Such reviews of relevant content appeared due to an increase in the share of results representing promotional materials and sponsored content of another nature.

Generative artificial intelligence, based on huge amounts of data, forms large language models that help to create text or images using hints.

Amazon chief executive Andy Jassi said in April that AI is an opportunity to transform almost any customer experience.

Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing division, last month announced the imminent appearance of a set of services based on generative artificial intelligence. These services are not yet widespread.

The e-commerce giant intends to introduce advanced AI-based technologies into the Alexa voice assistant. Amazon is also recruiting a team to form algorithms for using artificial intelligence tools to create photos and videos for advertising campaigns.

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