Hitachi Dives Into Generative AI

Japan tech conglomerate Hitachi has established the “Generative AI Center” to promote the secure and efficient use of Generative Artificial Intelligence

Hitachi Generative AI


Hitachi on Monday announced it had established a new organization called “Generative AI Center” to accelerate the company’s growth by maximizing the value provided to customers and improving productivity through the Lumada business with the help of the creative potential of AI technology.

Lumada is Hitachi’s innovative concept. The word itself is a combination of ‘illuminate’ with ‘data’. Lumada does not refer to a specific product area or service, being rather a banner or keyword for the entire Hitachi Group, focused on advanced digital solutions, services, and technologies for turning data into insights to drive digital innovation.

Generative AI is the kind of artificial intelligence systems and tools that can interpret huge amounts of data and further generate various content such as images, texts, sounds, and program code. The technology provides new perspectives for various industries including fintech and retail. Generative AI is currently being explored by numerous industry players e.g. Google and Amazon, while ChatGPT by OpenAI remains the frontrunner of the technology adoption.

Hitachi’s Generative AI Center will gather data scientists and AI researchers, as well as specialists in the fields of in-house IT, security, legal affairs, quality assurance, intellectual property, and other areas to promote the use of Generative AI while managing the risks of the emerging tech.

For customers considering the use of Generative AI, the Center will offer consulting services in June. The organization’s consultants will support clients’ use cases and value creation with its expertise in AI utilization, while controlling risks using the combination of the company’s knowledge of security, intellectual property, and other legal areas.

Additionally, Hitachi’s Generative AI Center will collaborate with Microsoft Japan, a partner of the Lumada Alliance Program, to provide environment building and operation support services. The partnership will combine Azure OpenAI Service and Hitachi’s strengths in mission-critical cloud system integration.

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