Amazon Unveils Buy With Prime Merchant Tools

Amazon has developed new tools designed for use by sellers who interact with the company’s program called Buy with Prime.

Amazon Unveils Buy With Prime Merchant Tools

The specified program of the e-commerce giant was presented in April last year. As part of this functional solution of the company, merchants are given the opportunity to sell products of certain categories directly from their websites. In this case, payments and services for fulfilling Amazon orders are available at the stage of registration of the purchase of products. As part of the e-commerce giant’s solution launched in spring 2022, buyers can use their Prime membership to have access to benefits such as free shipping.

Last Thursday, September 14, the e-commerce giant said about an update to the program. The company announced the launch of such a solution, which is designated as basket functionality. This offer of the e-commerce giant provides that buyers can purchase several Prime products in a single transaction.

Peter Larsen, vice president of Buy with Prime, said in a post published on the company’s blog that the new feature contributes to an increase in sales for the business. According to him, sellers who already have experience using this solution recorded an increase in the number of purchases of 15% per order after adding a shopping cart to Buy with Prime checkout. He also stated that the purchase of goods using a cart helps merchants optimize the cost of completing an order since from now on it is possible to make multiple purchases applying Prime products in each shipment.

The e-commerce giant has also launched Reviews from Amazon. This decision means that sellers have the opportunity to post their reviews, originally published on the retailer’s online platforms, on their owned websites. In this case, there are no additional costs for using the new functionality. Peter Larsen says that the first results indicate an average increase in customer conversion by 38% for those sellers who added reviews from the online platform of the e-commerce giant to their sites. In his opinion, such a practice of distributing information about the quality and characteristics of goods based on user experience helps to increase the level of interest in the product and is a factor in stimulating trust on the part of customers.

The e-commerce giant also announced last Thursday, September 14, that 75% of Buy with Prime purchases are made by consumers as part of the first experience of interacting with this online brand. The company noted that this fact is evidence of customer confidence in its platform.

Shopify and Shopify partners intend to provide access to the Amazon logistics network to sellers who pay for the e-commerce tools of the mentioned brand. Experts, commenting on this partnership, say that this example of cooperation demonstrates how logistics and fulfillment can become a thread and a needle linking platforms together.

As a result of the mentioned interaction of companies, consumers choose the payment method in their Amazon wallet when placing an order through Shopify.

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