Anthropic Reportedly Develops New Feature for Chatbot Claude

Startup Anthropic, which operates in the sphere of artificial intelligence, is currently working on creating a new feature for its chatbot called Claude.

Anthropic Reportedly Develops New Feature for Chatbot Claude

The relevant information was posted in media space by the media with reference to some unpublished wording, which is contained in the code of the mentioned company’s website. According to preliminary data, the new chatbot feature will analyze images. This tool can increase the level of consumer interest in a digital product from Anthropic. Also, the new feature can become a catalyst for the growth of the competitiveness of the startup’s chatbot in the market of artificial intelligence-based developments offered by larger players in the AI industry.

Currently, the most popular virtual assistants with integrated machine intelligence are Google Bard and OpenAI ChatGPT. These digital products are already equipped with the function of carefully examining the visual information that is the content of images. For example, currently, users of the mentioned chatbots of artificial intelligence industry players can set a virtual assistant task to determine the breed of the dog depicted in the photo. These virtual products can also describe a visual work of art. Moreover, chatbots from Google and OpenAI have the function of comparing two images.

So far, Anthropic has not announced in the public information space that it is working on creating a new solution for Claude. The media, following a review of the wording in the code of the startup’s website, found text related to image recognition. Some other texts that have not yet been used contain tips on applying visual analysis mechanisms. These datasets also include addressed to users’ invitations to talk to the startup’s chatbot about images. Moreover, consumers are invited to ask questions about visual materials to a virtual assistant.

In the specified data arrays, users are encouraged to give Claude hints so that the chatbot more specifically and correctly describes the objects that exist in the area of space placed within the image. In this case, the exact formulation of consumer requests is implied. It is important to clarify that users should not help the virtual assistant to describe objects, they are recommended to clarify their requests.

Anthropic spokesperson did not provide any comment after a media request about the development process of the startup’s new chatbot feature.

Currently, Claude interacts with users only in the text commands mode. The virtual assistant can only analyze text materials. On the startup’s website, consumers are invited to give the chatbot a command to summarize the information contained in the PDF document or send a request for assistance in practical learning of the Spanish language.

Anthropic was founded in 2021. Initially, within the framework of the startup’s market positioning concept, attention was paid to the primary focus on the responsible use of artificial intelligence, and the priority of ensuring a high level of security was stated. The company was founded by former OpenAI employees. The startup is based in San Francisco.

Anthropic launched Claude in 2023. The chatbot’s users are well-known companies, including drug manufacturer Pfizer and virtual meeting platform Zoom Video Communications.

In December, the media published information that Anthropic was in talks with investors about raising $750 million.

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