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Anthropic Reportedly Forecasts $1 Billion 2024 Revenue

The media reports that the startup Anthropic, working in the sphere of artificial intelligence, predicts revenue of more than $850 million in the next year, but there is also information about the company’s more impressive financial prospects.

Anthropic Reportedly Forecasts $1 Billion 2024 Revenue

Last Tuesday, December 26, journalists, citing insiders who are aware of the commercial aspects of the specified firm’s activities, published data that by the end of 2024, the annual income of an AI developer could reach a landmark mark of $1 billion.

The media notes that the financial prospects of the startup have improved dramatically. Insiders report that three months ago, the company provided investors with data that annual revenue is $100 million and by the end of 2024 this figure will grow to $500 million. New expectations regarding the financial result indicate that the prospects have improved significantly, but this is unofficial information.

Anthropic did not respond to a media request for comment on the revenue expectation wire in 2024.

The news about the expected financial performance of the startup appeared in the information space a few days after it became known that Anthropic was in talks to raise $750 million with the help of Menlo Ventures.

The company’s main competitor, OpenAI, has already received investments from Amazon and Google.

Many firms cooperate with Anthropic, including venture capital units Salesforce and Zoom, and SK Telecom, the largest operator in South Korea.

Analysts predict that by 2032, the financial volume of the generative artificial intelligence industry will reach $1.3 trillion. In the United States, 84% of business executives believe that AI will have a positive impact on the workforce.

Heather Bellini, president and CFO of InvestCloud, is convinced that artificial intelligence will become an imperative for every company, noting that products created using advanced technology will have distinctive features. According to her, functionally machine intelligence could save people from most of the manual work and allow them to focus on those tasks that have a direct impact on the business.

Currently, the sphere of investment in artificial intelligence is dominated by Big Tech. Google and Microsoft account for two-thirds of the funds coming into this sector.

Nina Achadjian, a partner at the venture capital firm Index Ventures, says that in the current year, there was a rapid consolidation of the market around several basic models of artificial intelligence. She noted that in this case, the peculiarity of the situation is that major players in the technology industry have invested billions of dollars in startups such as OpenAI, Cohere, Anthropic, and Mistral. Nina Achadjian stated that traditional venture capitalists should have acted ahead of the curve, having previously formed a stable understanding of the path of artificial intelligence development. She also stressed that to make a successful investment, the person should be aware of the latest research in the sphere of artificial intelligence.

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