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Apple CEO Urges Caution As AI Stays in Spotlight

The Seeking Alpha report testified that artificial intelligence technologies continue to attract the attention of Wall Street, and Apple’s chief executive officer and the head of the Federal Trade Commission expressed concern about the active introduction of AI.

Apple CEO Urges Caution As AI Stays in Spotlight


Apple CEO Tim Cook, during the company’s earnings report, paid attention to the issue of active dissemination of AI-based technologies. The head of the company urged caution in this process. He also noted the active desire of firms to introduce artificial intelligence into their products.

Tim Cook acknowledged the huge potential of AI and stated that his company has already integrated relevant technologies into its services, including iPhone and Apple Watch crash and fall-detection detection systems. He also said that Apple will implement artificial intelligence on a very thoughtful basis.

FTC Chairman Lina Khan stated the need for immediate measures to regulate the process of AI development and its implementation in other spheres of life. According to her, in the case of the right political choice, the United States, rejected the business models of a race to the bottom and monopoly control, that blocking the possibility of creating products of higher quality and creating zero prospects for the implementation of major ideas of a new level, can continue to be the home of world-leading technology

A joint April statement by the Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Justice, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the FTC, and the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) states that any decisions made by artificial intelligence must comply with the norms of the legislative framework. This statement also emphasizes that the existing legal system applies to the use of automated systems and innovative technologies on the same principle as in the case of other practices.

Current trends in the development and use of AI indicate that these technologies will increasingly influence the course of everyday life and will have a fundamental impact on many aspects of doing business. Large-scale digitalization makes the main points of contact in the world more saturated with data. This trend has the prospect of a steady continuation.

The scale of artificial intelligence in terms of its spread and influence on the processes taking place in the space of human existence, encourages European legislators to introduce initiatives that allow state regulators to control the field of AI.

Microsoft chief economist Jeffrey Hinton, who is called the godfather of Google’s artificial intelligence, said about the risks of advanced technology. According to him, legislative regulation, which allows for to prevent of defrauding using AI, will not only stop criminal activity but also affect higher forms of application of machine intelligent systems.

The main concerns about artificial intelligence are related to the potential probability of generating fake news and the ability of technology to impersonate a person. Eric Duheim, co-founder and CEO of data annotation provider Centaur Labs, stated that the algorithm is as good as the data that became the basis of his training is good.

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