Google Turns to AI Chat For Search Engine Revamp

Google is using artificial intelligence to massively modernize its Internet search system.

Google Turns to AI Chat For Search Engine Revamp


The media reports that the concept of large-scale modernization involves the use of conversations with AI in the process of providing search results. Also, the technology giant decided to abandon the traditional format of 10 blue links.

The media, referring to the company’s internal documents and sources knowledgeable about all aspects of Google’s activities, report that the modernization is aimed at making the search system more visual, personal, and humane. At the conceptual level, special attention is paid to meeting the needs of the youth part of the audience in the process of large-scale improvement of tools for identifying text information and other materials, needed by the user, in the Internet space.

The company’s internal documents state the desire of the technology giant to search for answers to those search queries, which in most cases remain empty in the sense that as a result of using the web tool, information corresponding to user interest does not appear. From Google’s point of view, this is a negative circumstance, because due to unsatisfied demand, the consumer may switch to another platform. Also, the lack of the answer forces users to send additional requests that clarify the original question or are in a certain sense related to it.

Google has already integrated online forum posts and video clips into search results. In the future, the tech giant intends to pay more attention to this aspect of search results.

Google once managed to produce something like an industrial revolution in the field of information organization, but experts say that Alphabet failed to become a leader in the area of active integration of generative artificial intelligence, where the main position went to ChatGPT. The tech giant’s search business is gradually starting to move out of its comfort zone, as the position of the dominant player is gradually weakening amid pressure from competitors and their developments, primarily Microsoft.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, during the April earnings report, told investors that advances in artificial intelligence are stimulating Alphabet and called the incredible potential of the company’s large-scale applications for partners, consumers, and internal business processes.

The tech giant is already using integrated AI in its product line applications. This process concerns advertising and short films on YouTube, which is evidence of DeepMind’s deepening cooperation with Google Cloud services based on artificial intelligence.

Sundar Pichai also stated that in all aspects of the technology giant’s activities, there is a possibility of improving the functioning of AI. In April, during a conversation with journalists, he expressed the opinion that the degree of influence of artificial intelligence on the business environment and society as a whole has a deeper character compared to the transformative potential that was brought to life after the advent of fire and electricity. Also, Sundar Pichai is convinced that AI will affect every product in every company.

At the end of April, the White House invited the head of Google and other heads of major technology companies to a meeting. According to Vice President Kamala Harris, this meeting was necessary to declare the ethical, moral, and legal responsibility of the private sector for the safety of products.

The White House has also decided on new measures related to artificial intelligence. One of these measures is a $140 million investment in AI research and development.

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