Google’s Bard AI Chatbot Can Generate and Debug Code

The Google Bard artificial intelligence tool can now provide programming assistance.

Google’s Bard AI Chatbot Can Generate and Debug Code


With the help of this tool, functioning based on artificial intelligence, developers can generate code, debug it and explain it. The Bard skillset has been updated accordingly in response to user requests.

In the blog of the head of Google’s research department, Paige Bailey, last Friday, April 21, a message was published containing information that coding is one of the most popular user requests.

The tech giant announced that it is launching software development capabilities in more than 20 programming languages, including C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, and TypeScript. The artificial intelligence-based tool allows you to export Python code to Google Colab. Bard is also an assistant when writing functions for Google Sheets.

The cumulative capabilities that have been added to a kind of artificial intelligence model from the tech giant mean that the AI in this configuration can view the source code and debug it line by line. Developers can inform Bard that the code did not work, after which the error correction function will be put into effect.

This Google tool can also translate code from one language to another and explain its fragments. This feature is of value for beginners in the field of programming.

Bard was created and designated as a competitor to ChatGPT and other language models. Independent studies have shown that this tool is inferior to its counterparts in terms of performance. Updating the skill set is likely to increase the level of Bard’s technical competitiveness.

Page Bailey noted in his blog that Google’s artificial intelligence-based tool continues to exist as a product in the format of an early experiment. This means that Bard may provide inaccurate, misleading, or false information, positioning it as absolutely reliable. For example, developers may receive code that is incomplete or does not give the desired result.

Page Bailey said that the new features of Bard will offer ways to write code, create test cases and update the API. He also noted that in the case of quoting an existing open-source project, strict adherence to the source is guaranteed.

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