Google Develops Radical Search Changes to Beat Back AI Rivals

Google is striving to maintain its position as the world’s leading search engine by updating existing mechanisms of the corresponding category and implementing plans to create new ones, in this case, the technology giant is counting on the potential of artificial intelligence-based technologies.

Google Develops Radical Search Changes to Beat Back AI Rivals


Google employees were thrown into a state of shock reaction by the news that Samsung is considering using Microsoft Bing as the default search engine on its devices. Previously, the manufacturer of household appliances used the Google search engine.

Bing has existed as a standard search engine for many years and has not been an industry leader. But everything changed after the introduction of a new artificial intelligence technology. This circumstance has automatically increased the interest in the search engine from consumers, including large companies. For Google, the news about the use of AI by competitors and the increased interest in their offer was a signal that it was time to act and transform their technologies to maintain a leading position.

Samsung’s annual revenue was $3 billion. An additional $20 billion is associated with a similar Apple contract, which will be extended in 2023.

Bing with embedded artificial intelligence means a threat to Google in the form of a product with competitive advantages. The technology giant is aware of its current position and prospects in case of inaction, which is why it is embarking on a project to create a new search engine based on AI technology. The company is also upgrading the existing search engine by introducing artificial intelligence.

New features called Magi are created by designers, engineers, and managers. The new search engine will feature an interface with a higher level of personalization, which will anticipate the needs of users faster than the current mechanism.

Lara Levin, a Google representative, commenting on reports about the integration of artificial intelligence into the company’s technological systems, noted that not all ideas become a product, but at the same time, she confirmed the introduction of new AI-based functions and said that more detailed information about this will soon appear.

The tech giant emerged from the state of rest characteristic of a market leader in the absence of worthy competitors when OpenAI, a startup cooperating with Microsoft, presented the chatbot ChatGPT in November last year. About two weeks after that, Google created a group of specialists in the search department, whose goal is to create products based on artificial intelligence. This was reported to the media by sources aware of the situation inside the company.

Samsung’s potential possible decision at the moment is the most serious signal for the technology giant that its position in the Internet search business market is gradually moving away from the position of unconditional leadership. A South Korean manufacturer may opt for Google, as it has been for the past 12 years, but the very fact of a competitive situation is symptomatic. The media, citing anonymous sources, report that when the company’s employees from Silicon Valley learned about the preparation of a presentation for Samsung, they were very surprised because the contract extension, previously nothing more than a formality, became a question without an obvious answer.

A Google representative told American journalists that the technology giant is constantly improving its search engine so that users and partners have more reason to choose this particular system.

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