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Google Launches First Public Beta of Android 14

After two previews for developers, Google announced the launch of the first of four beta versions of Android 14.

Google Launches First Public Beta of Android 14


In this case, the company continues to apply the same practice of promoting the beta product as with previous versions of the operating system. This means that the first beta version of Android 14 is available for installation over the air. A prerequisite is that the user who has decided to install a new generation operating system has a device Pixel 4a – 7 Pro Line. Pixel 4 is not suitable for installing this beta version.

Official support for phones other than Google is not yet available. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that beta versions are released mainly for developers. The purpose of this product is for application creators to be able to test their developments on the new version of Android. Also, the beta version will be able to meet the needs of those users who need to try everything first, regardless of the degree of readiness of the product for normal operation.

Those who interact with Android exclusively in the consumer sense and do not seek to become the first user, should not rush to install the configuration of the operating system, the degree of readiness of which is not the maximum. Beta versions are often not fully finalized.

The preliminary variation of Android 14 offers users a limited number of functions. At the same time, there are UI updates. There is a new back arrow. From the point of view of the actual significance, this is not too great an achievement, but in terms of the impact on the use process, it is more than noticeable.

Google says that gesture navigation now includes a more prominent back arrow when interacting with the app. The company claims that this solution can improve the understanding of backward gestures and their usefulness. The arrow will match the wallpaper or theme of the device.

Developers have been able to add user actions to the system-sharing table, which has become more thoughtful in terms of ranking goals.

The beta version also has language settings for each app and new privacy settings previously announced by Google.

The release schedule of the new version of the operating system is similar to the release schedule of Android 13. In February, the presentation of Android 14 DP1 took place. Android 14 DP2 was released in March. Last year, Google held two previews for developers and released eight beta versions for Android 13 before the official presentation of the new product. If the company follows a similar approach this time, a new version of the operating system is likely to debut in August. But this is an assumption that does not take into account the possibility of various kinds of delays in the process.

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