Apple Reportedly Acquires AI Startup

The media reports that Apple Inc. has acquired the Canadian artificial intelligence startup DarwinAI, strengthening its own capabilities before the start of the landmark process of large-scale implementation of advanced technology in the current year.

Apple Reportedly Acquires Canadian AI Startup

After the deal was implemented, dozens of startup employees joined the machine intelligence unit, which is part of the technology giant’s ownership structure. The relevant information was published by the media with reference to insiders who were aware of the details of the business agreement. Insiders used the right of anonymity because so far Apple has not made any statements in the public space regarding the acquisition of the Canadian startup.

DarwinAI specialists have developed artificial intelligence technology designed for visually inspecting components during the production process. This machine intelligence tool also serves customers in various industry segments. One of the main startup technologies is designed to make smaller artificial intelligence systems and accelerate the process of functioning of these digital developments. This technology could be useful to Apple, which is currently interested in running AI on devices rather than entirely in the cloud.

The technology giant that developed the iPhone realizes that artificial intelligence is not a development for highly specialized use, but is most likely the driving force of progress that transforms the space of human life in many of its aspects. It is worth noting that as AI enhancements, the issue of cybersecurity is becoming more relevant. Scammers also have access to advanced technology. In this case, user awareness is very important to counteract criminal activity. For example, a query in the Internet search system, such as how to know if my camera is hacked, will allow you to get information about signs of unauthorized access to a personal device.

Alexander Wong, an artificial intelligence researcher at the University of Waterloo, joined Apple as a director in its artificial intelligence specialist group.

In response to a media request for comments on the acquisition of a Canadian startup, the technology giant said that such deals are often carried out, but the company adheres to an approach that does not involve discussing such decisions.

After the news was published that DarwinAI entered the Apple ownership structure, the share price of the iPhone developer increased by more than 1%, reaching $173.37.

Data from the Canadian startup community Communitech indicates that the firm, acquired by the tech giant, raised more than $15 million as of 2022. The startup, based in Waterloo, Ontario, has received investments from Honeywell Ventures and Inovia Capital, among other venture capital companies. Communitech data indicates that DarwinAI collaborated with Lockheed Martin Corp. and Intel Corp.

Apple has large-scale ambitions to carry out activities in the artificial intelligence industry in the current year. The company is adding AI-based features to its iOS 18 software. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the tech giant will break new ground in the area of artificial intelligence in 2024. It is expected that more specific statements on this issue will be made immediately after the company’s worldwide developer conference, scheduled for June.

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