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Apple Reportedly Beefs Up AI Capabilities of Its Mobile Devices

The media reports that Apple is currently expanding the scale of integration of generative artificial intelligence into its mobile devices.

Apple Reportedly Beefs Up AI Capabilities of Its Mobile Devices

According to media reports, in order to implement this intention, the technology giant has started recruiting employees for positions that involve work on large language models (LLM).

The job advertisements contain information that the company has launched ambitious long-term research projects that will have an impact on the firm and its products in the future. The company also announced its focus on implementing technologies such as LLM for mobile devices. At the same time, competitors of the technology giant, including, in particular, Google, have released products based on artificial intelligence, such as chatbots.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company perceives AI and machine learning as core technologies that are of fundamental importance and are an integral part of almost every product that the firm creates. In the third quarter of the fiscal year 2023, the tech giant’s spending on research and development by 3.1 billion exceeding the same figure a year ago. Tim Cook noted that this financial dynamics is partly a reflection of the company’s efforts to create artificial intelligence.

LLM technology, according to the experts, expands the functional space of AI, bringing machine intelligence to new heights that are beyond the text environment and involve working with images, video materials, speech, and even music. At the same time, many companies using this technology face the problem of collecting and classifying large amounts of information. There are also difficulties associated with understanding the principles of AI models at the present time and their difference from the previous status quo.

Technology giants, including Alphabet and Microsoft, and investors such as Fusion Fund and Scale VC, invest in LLM and form partnership systems to access this technology. In this case, the goal is to organize the training of language models based on large data sets, called parameters, and configure them so that they generate query-appropriate results and outputs.

Against the background of development and investment in the field of artificial intelligence, the issue of regulating the industry is becoming more actual. Governments around the world understand that AI is an advanced technology with the potential to transform the traditional landscape of life and, in this regard, are implementing or discussing the implementation of regulatory measures in this area.

Professor of the University of Pennsylvania Law School Cary Coglianese says that establishing control over the process of using and developing AI is a difficult task, noting that such intentions resemble attempts to regulate water or air. He also noted that the measures taken by the authorities will be a multifaceted activity, which will be adjusted depending on the type of algorithm and the way it is used. Cary Coglianese said that in this case, several regulators are needed, which, in his opinion, should be flexible and vigilant. According to him, one legislative act will not be able to solve all the problems associated with artificial intelligence.

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