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Apple Reportedly Discusses Using of Baidu AI in Chinese iPhones

The media reports that Apple Inc. is currently negotiating the use of generative artificial intelligence systems of the Chinese company Baidu Inc. in the iPhone and its other devices.

Apple Reportedly Discusses Using of Baidu AI in Chinese iPhones

It is worth noting that in this case, it means applying AI configurations only in the mentioned Asian country. The media notes that if the negotiation process has a positive result, it will be a big victory for Baidu. In this case, a remarkable circumstance is that the technology giant from the United States is ready to allow the use of artificial intelligence systems developed by a Chinese company on its devices. The relevant negotiations, which can form a new objective fact in the space of technological reality, are of particular importance in the context of the current state of relations between Beijing and Washington, which demonstrate a tendency for consistent deterioration.

Insiders cited by the media report that Apple has conducted initial negotiations on the use of generative artificial intelligence technology from Baidu. According to preliminary information, the Cupertino, California-based company is interested in finding a Chinese partner, as regulators in the Asian country are vetting all AI models. This means that for Apple, cooperation with the firm from China is important in terms of the ability to fully carry out activities in this state.

Baidu currently has the status of one of the leaders in the Chinese artificial intelligence industry. Currently, startups and technology giants in the Asian country are investing billions of yuan in the development of their own machine intelligence systems that can fully compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It is worth noting that foreign artificial intelligence services are not available to Chinese users due to strict regulatory measures in the local online environment.

It is worth noting that Apple’s business in the Asian country is currently going through a difficult period. Sales volumes of the iPhone 15, presented last year, in the mentioned state, turned out to be disappointing. According to Jefferies analysts, the corresponding indicator decreased by more than 25% in the last three months of 2023 compared to the result of the previous generation of the device for the same period in 2022.

Currently, Apple is facing circumstances in China such as increased competition from local manufacturers, and an unspoken ban on the use of its smartphones in government agencies and companies backed by state.

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