Apple Reportedly Explores Partnership With Google for Gemini-Powered Feature on iPhones

The media reported that Apple plans to start cooperating with Google to conclude a mega-deal on the leverage of the Gemini artificial intelligence model for iPhone features.

Apple Reportedly Explores Partnership With Google for Gemini-Powered Feature on iPhones

If the mentioned intentions are realized, the Internet search giant will be able to strengthen its position in the advanced technology sector. It is worth noting that Google and Apple have already signed an agreement on the preferred use of the search engine for the Safari browser on the iPhone.

Media outlets, citing insiders, report that the California-based company plans to license Google’s artificial intelligence technology to introduce AI-based features in iOS updates this year. There is also information about the negotiations between Apple and OpenAI. In this case, the potential use of GPT models is discussed.

Currently, Apple is facing a kind of pressure, which to some extent forms by itself, without being the result of any purposeful external influence carried out by the interested party. In the context of the active development and spread of artificial intelligence, the company’s positions are still far from dominating. Apple will have to withstand significant competition, which demonstrates a tendency for steady strengthening. In February, the company’s CEO Tim Cook announced that the iPhone developer would introduce generative artificial intelligence features this year.

Apple’s job listings over the past year indicate that the tech giant, which does not yet have a corresponding status in the AI industry, is actively working on creating a variety of external and internal tools based on generative artificial intelligence. At the same time, information about the company’s intention to cooperate with third-party suppliers of advanced technologies indicates that the firm has no progress in the appropriate direction.

Apple’s own AI-based solutions may include some features on the device in the upcoming iOS 18 software update, which, according to preliminary information, will be announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled for June. The media reports that, as part of cooperation with other companies, the technology giant is interested in tools for generating images and providing users with assistance in writing texts.

It is worth noting that Google faced problems after the launch of Gemini. Last month, the company was forced to suspend image generation features. The tech giant made the appropriate decision after Gemini created visual materials containing historical inaccuracies. Sometime later, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that some of the responses of the artificial intelligence model to user requests were completely unacceptable. Last week, the tech giant announced the blocking of election-related queries in Gemini worldwide.

At the same time, Google still has an advantage in launching artificial intelligence features on smartphones. This year, the tech giant presented the corresponding Gemini-based features on Samsung Galaxy S24 series devices. The company has also introduced AI into its Pixel series smartphones.

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