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Apple Reportedly Plans Overhaul to iPad Family

The media reports that Apple is planning to overhaul its family of iPad tablets.

Apple Reportedly Plans Overhaul to iPad Family

The mentioned tech giant intends to make the specified development less confusing for users. Also in this case, the company is seeking to restore sales of its tablets, which are currently in the negative dynamic zone.

The media reports that the new iPad Pro and iPad Air will be presented in March next year. The tech giant has not updated the iPad this year. Between fiscal year 2022 and 2023, sales of Apple tablets decreased by 3%. A year earlier, this indicator showed a larger decline of 8%. In this case, it means a reduction in sales on an annual basis.

The tech giant’s revenue from iPad sales in the fourth fiscal quarter decreased by 10% compared to a year ago. Against this background, the company warned about the prospect of a double-digit decline in sales of tablets and laptops.

The media reports that the technology giant intends to simplify differentiation within the iPad model line and plans large-scale updates of this development. Apple is currently offering customers the iPad Pro in two sizes, the iPad Air, the tenth-generation iPad, the ninth-generation iPad, and the iPad mini. Depending on the model, accessories vary, including keyboards, company pencils, and chargers. For consumers, this feature is a factor complicating the choice when buying an Apple tablet compared to other brands’ products.

The media reports that the tech giant plans to make the iPad Pro the flagship model. There is also information that the version of the tablet called Air will become a mid-level product in terms of position in the hierarchy of offers related to this development. Moreover, there is preliminary evidence that the eleventh-generation iPad will be something like the base product in the iPad line, which will get rid of the ninth generation.

The media reports that following the update, the tablet version called Pro will receive an improved screen, a new design, an M3 chip, and a new Magic Keyboard attachment, which will be compatible only with this model.

According to preliminary information, the new iPad Air will be equipped with two screen sizes and a microcircuit M2.

The media also reports that the tech giant will release an updated iPad mini.

Ten years ago, the tech giant’s tablet line was more understandable in terms of the perception of consumers who are not interested in learning what can be labeled as an engineering quirk, and this is a fair position. The company offered two versions of the iPad, which differed in size from each other. At the same time, the technology giant applied a commercial practice in which last year’s models were sold cheaper.

Over time, Apple has expanded the functionality of its tablets. New budget models have appeared. An iPad version called Air was also developed, which was designated as a kind of premium product. Another innovation in the technology giant’s tablet line became the Pro configuration, which has enlarged screens and differs from other analogous products in the Apple unified line with a higher level of power.

As part of the development of the iPad, the technology giant sought to create products for different consumer groups, including taking into account their financial capabilities, and to increase sales of this development. The debut of the first tablet created by Apple took place in 2010. This development has become very popular over time, moving into the category of goods that form something like a cult and a kind of civilizational attribute around themselves, the meaning of which goes beyond the technological industry and moves towards obtaining the title of a symbol of the era.

Against the background of what can be called not a wave, but a hurricane of iPad fame, the tech giant focused on the tablet, even shifting the focus of attention to the detriment of the Mac for several years. But any popularity is temporary, no matter how hard humanity, whose relationship with eternity is one of the main mysteries of life, tries to challenge this law of being. As part of its efforts to maintain the iPad’s market position, Apple has moved to a strategy that can be called excessive efforts. The result of these actions was that the technology giant’s tablet line turned into a chaotic set of products in a sense. The variety of variations has become so extensive that it took the superpower of the mind to get acquainted with it.

Excessive efforts led to the fact that the fame of the iPad began to fade. At the same time, it should be noted that in this case, other factors of influence also have worsened the market position of Apple tablets. Competition has increased significantly since 2010. More companies produce tablets and sell them at prices that are more affordable compared to the cost of Apple products. In addition, the significant expansion of smartphone functionality reduces the need for tablets. This is a factor of the patterns of technological development in the global sense of the corresponding process.

The complicated iPad lineup could be justified if the Mac ceased to be the main computing device of the tech giant. However, Apple’s development was carried out within the framework of a different strategy.

The last few years have been a period of technological recovery for the Mac. This is because the company has developed its own faster chips. Also, in this case, the influence factor was the increase in Apple’s spending on creating new technologies.

The media additionally reports that Apple plans to release the MacBook Air M3 in March. In this case, the new models codenamed J613 and J615, will receive an M3 processor. This is where innovation ends. But the appearance of a new processor is already an event. M3 will allow to equip the most powerful computer of the technology giant with an ultra-modern 3-nanometer chip. The MacBook Air with the M2 processor went on sale in June this year. The probability of updating this device in the early spring of next year is minimal.

Also in 2024, the tech giant will launch sales of the Vision Pro mixed reality headset. The company officially announced this, without specifying the exact date of the mentioned device’s appearance in its stores. The media reports that the launch of sales of the mixed reality headset may take place before March 2024. The company is currently focused on customizing Vision Pro, which is an important task that guarantees a successful user experience.

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