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Apple Reportedly Works On AI Tools

The media reports that Apple is currently actively developing artificial intelligence tools.

Apple Reportedly Works On AI Tools

The company has not yet made any statements about the fact that its AI technology will move into the category of mass-access digital products in the foreseeable or longer term. At the same time, its large language model, which is a system based on artificial intelligence, has become a kind of operating platform for such popular virtual services as ChatGPT from OpenAI and Google Bard.

Apple’s activity within the AI-related aspect is currently something like a strategy that provides for a maximum of deeds and a minimum of words. The company is involved in the development of artificial intelligence and is already cooperating with other firms in the framework of relevant technological projects, but at the same time does not make any statements about personal intentions in this industry.

Against this background, a situation has arisen when Apple’s efforts in the area of AI are reported mainly by the media concerning insiders who communicate on the condition of confidentiality. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the data provided by anonymous sources are often partially reliable or may contain only a distorted echo of the truth.

On Wednesday, July 19, after information appeared about the efforts of the technology giant related to developments in the artificial intelligence industry, the value of the brand’s shares increased by 2.3%, reaching a record value of $198.23.

The current hype regarding AI for Apple has not become a catalyst for loud statements promising advanced solutions and high-tech products. As of the current moment, the only development of the company on the market, based on machine intelligence, is the Siri voice assistant, which has been functioning in a configuration that has not been updated or supplemented for the past few years.

The media, citing sources, report that at the end of last year, the technology giant created an application for AI-based chatbots as part of an experimental project. At the same time, the company did not introduce this product on the market because, according to insiders, concerns related to the security of artificial intelligence. Over time, access to the application was expanded for Apple employees, but subject to special permission and compliance with the requirement that any output data should not be used to develop functions that customers use.

Media sources also say that the tech giant is still exploring options for integrating digital consciousness into consumer products. Currently, according to insiders, the company intends to implement efforts to unite its artificial intelligence and software development teams, and a team of specialists working on cloud services to create an infrastructure for new functions that there is no information about, but it can be assumed that it is based on AI.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, during an earnings call in early May, expressed caution about trying to integrate digital intelligence into the firm’s products. He also noted that the advanced technology has a huge potential, and his company will implement it as part of a very thoughtful strategy of action.

Experts say that Apple’s corporate policy on privacy and user data issues, as well as its closed ecosystem, may be the reason that the technology giant will not be able to take a leading position in the field of AI. Currently, the App Store has a lot of GPT application innovations, but this applies to third-party companies.

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