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Apple to Release Software Update for iPhone 15

Apple announced that software will be released to eliminate the disadvantage of smartphones of the new iPhone 15 line, which is that these devices overheat.

Apple to Release Software Update for iPhone 15

Numerous users have complained about the corresponding problem associated with the functioning of the new development of the technology giant. The company stated that the new generation smartphones do not work properly due to a combination of several negative factors, including errors in the operating system in iOS 17, bugs in apps, and the temporary set-up of configuration.

An Apple representative in a comment to the media noted that the manufacturer had identified a number of conditions due to which devices can heat up above the temperature index, which is optimal for mobile phones. According to an employee of the brand, overheating can be observed during the first few days after setting up the smartphone or restoring it due to increased background activity. An error was also found in the iOS 17 operating system. This flaw affects some owners of new-generation smartphones and will be eliminated as a result of a software update.

Another reason for overheating devices is the recent updates of third-party apps, which are the cause of system overload. A representative of the company said that work to eliminate this problem is currently underway. The tech giant is interacting with the developers of the mentioned apps on fixes that are in the process of implementation.

Numerous complaints from iPhone 15 smartphone owners have been published on Apple, Reddit, and social media forums that these devices can heat up during operation much more than originally expected. According to the results of testing by media representatives of the configuration of a new development called Pro Max, the presence of this problem was confirmed.

One of the commentators on the Apple forums reported that his iPhone 15 Pro soon after he received the device, heated up to such an extent that the smartphone could not be held in his hands for a long time.

The new developments of the $999 iPhone 15 Pro and the $1199 iPhone 15 Pro Max have a titanium case with an aluminum frame, which greatly facilitates the process of their repair. The tech giant said that the overheating problem has nothing to do with the use of titanium. The company insists that in this case, the flaw is due to errors in specific apps and flaws in the operating system, which will be fixed with software updates. The tech giant also noted that the upcoming updates will not affect the performance level of the devices.

On the Apple website, a message was published that consumers may face the problem of overheating smartphones during setup from a backup, during wireless charging, while using apps or games with high graphics requirements, and streaming high-quality video. The tech giant said that the situation when devices heat up as a result of intensive operation is normal. Separately, the company noted that if the iPhone does not display a temperature warning, its use continues to be safe.

Currently, the pace of sales of smartphones of the new line has a positive trend. This is evidenced by the fact that the delivery time of the new generation iPhone in some cases stretches out for weeks. On the day of the presentation of the new development, long queues lined up in front of the stores of the technology giant. Some experts say that Apple has something like a brand safety margin. This means that in the perception of many consumers, the company’s products are identified as a kind of quality standard, and they always strive to purchase devices from this manufacturer. The justification of this assessment of Apple may be the subject of discussion, but the mentioned user approach is an objective fact. Experts also note that the owners of the devices of this company tend to the so-called brand fidelity. This means that consumers of Apple products are less likely to pay attention to the offers of other companies.

JPMorgan analysts in their note published at the end of September reported that the lead time for devices versions 15 Pro Max, 15 Plus, and basic modification 15 is tracked more quickly compared to previous generations of the smartphone. The 15 Pro Max configuration has the highest lead time.

A well-known analyst of the Apple supply chain, Ming-Chi Kuo, said that the problem with the overheating of new-generation smartphones may provoke a decrease in sales of these developments of the technology giant. This probability has not yet been realized, but it should not be excluded.

Apple has already had to face problems with the release of new smartphones. These incidents did not have any global impact on the company’s position. For example, in 2010, the iPhone 4 was released, which had a design flaw that caused calls to be interrupted. To eliminate this problem, free cases were offered. In 2012, shortly after the presentation of the iPhone 5, company CEO Tim Cook apologized for the incorrect operation of Apple Maps. Two years later, the iPhone 6 was released, which was bending under pressure.

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