Aptos & Microsoft Enhance Web3 With AI

Aptos Labs is integrating Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service into its blockchain network to create new web3 builder resources

Aptos & Microsoft Enhance Web3 With AI

The Web3 studio Aptos Labs and Microsoft are partnering to offer a joint suite of AI-supported tools for developers and users around the world to get effortless access to Web3.

Within the framework of this collaboration, Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service will be integrated into the Aptos blockchain network. This way, Aptos validator nodes will run on cloud platform Azure. In addition, the partnership allows Microsoft’s AI models to be trained on Aptos’ verified and trusted blockchain information.

Beside that, the partners will build AI chatbot, dubbed the Aptos Assistant. The new tool is to provide information about the Aptos blockchain to all those interested.

Moreover, the integration aims to assist blockchain developers in building both decentralized apps and smart contracts on Aptos. The focus on developers will ultimately benefit end users as well. With developer-first design, Aptos Labs will enable dApp creators prioritize end consumer’s experience and drive web3 adoption across diverse sectors.

Together, the two companies, empowered by the most innovative technologies of AI and blockchain, will explore asset tokenization, digitized payments, and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

In the future, close cooperation between blockchain technology and AI may as well find new use cases. For example, blockchain-based solutions can help with verifying credibility of AI-generated content.

Just last month, Meta and Microsoft launched a new AI open-source large language model (LLM) Llama 2. It will be embedded in both Microsoft’s Windows and cloud computing platform Azure.

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