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Meta and Microsoft Launch New AI LLM Llama 2

The new AI open-source large language model from Meta and Microsoft is trained on 40% more public data and can process twice as much context as Llama 1: can it compete with ChatGPT?

Meta and Microsoft Launch New AI LLM Llama 2

Tech giants Meta and Microsoft have jointly launched the second version of an open-source AI large language model (LLM) Llama 2. It will be embedded in Microsoft’s Windows and cloud computing platform Azure.

As we reported earlier, Meta started working on the commercial version of its artificial intelligence tool quite soon after the large language model was released for academics and researchers.

Today, the AI tool Llama 2 was made available free of charge for both research and commercial use. Besides, it was also optimized to run on Windows, as Microsoft has become a preferred partner for the AI LLM.

In addition, Llama 2 is available through Amazon Web Services (AWS), Hugging Face, and other providers.

According to Meta, the initial version (Llama 1) saw a “huge demand” from researchers. The company received 100,000 requests for access to its proprietary large language model.

Llama 2 is an improved version, trained on 40% more publicly available online data sources than Laama1. Moreover, Meta claims the new model can process twice as much context compared to its first iteration.

Llama differs from the existing popular AI tools like ChatGPT by its open-source characteristics. Some of the benefits of an open-source model is that the community can stress test the generative AI tool, spot the vulnerabilities and suggest improvements. Thus, Llama-2-chat now leverages publicly available instruction datasets and over 1 million human annotations. Moreover, the enhanced transparity boosts public trust towards the product.

Therefore, the new generation of generative AI tools will definitely increase competition in the field. Earlier, open-source LLM was presented by Stability AI, the creator of a popular image-generation tool Stable Diffusion.

The more and more companies, such as Anthropic, supported by Google, present their own versions of generative AI chatbots, driving the innovation in the sphere of artificial intelligence.

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