Anthropic Debuts ChatGPT Competitor Claude 2

Last Tuesday, July 11, the company Anthropic, which specializes in developments in the field of artificial intelligence, presented a generative AI model called Claude 2.

Anthropic Debuts ChatGPT Competitor Claude 2

A message was published on the company’s website on the occasion of the presentation of a new digital product, which contains information that Claude 2 has a high level of performance, long-lasting responses, and provides access through the API. The company also launched a new public website

The firm also reports that users talked about the ease of communication with Claude. Consumers of this digital product also noted that the generative AI model clearly explains the principles of its thinking process, with a low probability produces results that do not correspond to the content of the initial request, and has a large memory.

In a certain sense, the presentation of this configuration of artificial intelligence is significant, since in a symbolic dimension it marks the beginning of competition in the practical plane between Microsoft, which supported OpenAI, which created ChatGPT, and Google, which invested in the development of Anthropic.

Google took part in the May funding round of the creator Claude, as a result of which the firm received investment funds in the amount of $ 450 million. Then, Anthropic said that the money would be spent on developing a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence that can perform many tasks related to speaking and processing text materials.

In a press release, the developer of Claude 2 compares this AI configuration with an enthusiastic colleague, who is also friendly, and a personal assistant who receives instruction in natural language and is able to process many requests of varying degrees of intellectual complexity.

The news about the appearance of a new model of generative artificial intelligence a few days after it became known about the decrease in the number of ChatGPT downloads post the peak values recorded in early June. Negative dynamics have two most common explanations. One of these versions says that the decrease in the number of downloads of the chatbot is the result of a deterioration in its quality. The second explanation implies that the demand for the artificial intelligence model has decreased due to the fact that OpenAI has censored malicious responses and blocked some users.

Currently, AI as a technology of a wide scale of action and containing the potential for transformation of entire spheres of life is rapidly gaining popularity. Business leaders strive to introduce artificial intelligence into their products and their production processes. A Google survey showed that 40% of enterprise managers feel the need to use AI, but many of them do not know the degree of readiness of their own companies for these innovations.

According to another survey of the tech giant, it was found that more than 50% of developers are puzzled that their firms are not ready to use artificial intelligence.

Experts say that in some cases, business leaders, assessing the level of readiness for the introduction of AI-based digital products, do not fully understand what skills are needed for this.

As we have reported earlier, China’s Web Watchdog Wants to License Generative AI Use.

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