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Australian Firm Facilitate Corp Sues Twitter

An Australian company that carries out project management activities has filed a lawsuit against Twitter in a US court.

Australian Firm Facilitate Corp Sues Twitter

The company requires several payments from the social network, the total amount of which is more than 650 thousand US dollars. According to the information contained in the court documents, the firm from Australia intends to obtain monetary compensation for work performed in four countries and unpaid by Twitter, although this virtual media platform is the customer.

The lawsuit was filed by the company Facilitate Corp, which is based in Sydney and belongs to the category of organizations of private ownership. The appeal to the state authority was registered on June 29. The company filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. The official wording of the claims to Twitter states a breach of contract as a result of non-payment of bills by the social network.

This lawsuit is the latest appeal to the court due to non-payment of bills and rents against Twitter since the acquisition of the company by Elon Musk in 2022. The value of the transaction for the purchase of the social media platform amounted to 44 billion US dollars.

Facilitate reported that last year and at the beginning of this year, it carried out work on installing sensors in Twitter’s offices located in London and Dublin. The firm also completed the finishing of the premises of this representative of the flagship community of the social media industry in Singapore and cleared the customer’s office in Sydney.

For these services, Twitter must pay about 203,000 pounds (257,000 US dollars), 546,600 Singapore dollars (404,000 US dollars), and 61,300 Australian dollars (40,700 US dollars).

The social media platform has not yet provided any comments on the lawsuit. The company’s management abolished the media relations department. The journalists tried to contact the Australian office of the firm, but it did not bring any results.

Facilitate has declared its intention to receive compensation for damages in the amount to be determined by the court and also takes into account court costs and interest at the maximum rate established by law.

In May, the former public relations firm filed a lawsuit against Twitter in a New York court. The company said the social media platform had not paid its bills. The firm reported a Twitter debt of $830,000. This sum includes six unpaid bills and expenses for a subpoena on the claim of the social network to force Elon Musk to complete the transaction for the purchase of a virtual platform after he attempted to abandon the implementation of the corresponding intention.

At the beginning of this year, the consulting firm Innisfree M&A also sued Twitter. The company demanded about $1.9 million from the virtual social interaction platform. The firm stated that it was this amount that Twitter had to pay for services to provide advice on the prospects for the acquisition of the social media platform by Elon Musk.

Crown Estate, a British independent commercial company that manages a portfolio of real estate owned by the monarchy, in January 2023 began legal proceedings over alleged unpaid rent at Twitter’s headquarters located in London.

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