Apple Cuts Vision Pro Goals After Production Issues

Apple has decided to reduce the production goals of Vision Pro.

Apple Cuts Vision Pro Goals After Production Issues

The media reports that the technology giant had to make adjustments to its production plans because manufacturers faced the problem of the complex design of the company’s new device.

The firm’s current plans envisage the release of less than 400 thousand units of the headset in 2024. The relevant information was published by the media concerning persons who are aware of the currently undisclosed plans of the technology giant and Luxshare Precision Industry Co., a Chinese company engaged in assembling the device. The cost of one unit of this product is $3499.

Two Chinese suppliers of components reported that the firm requested such several parts, which is enough to assemble no more than 150 thousand units of the headset in the first year of its presence on the market. At the same time, the media reported that the technology giant postponed the implementation of plans to release a cheaper version of its new device.

The value of Luxshare shares demonstrates the dynamics of growth, but the pace of this movement of the financial indicator has slowed down. On Monday, July 3, in Shenzhen, the company’s shares rose in price by about 3.5%.

Apple’s market value at the end of last week exceeded the $3 trillion mark. Achieving this indicator means that the technology giant has overcome a historically significant milestone in its development. This result is partly a reflection of the global trend of a high level of investor interest in large technology companies.

Vision Pro is a mixed-reality headset. This device was introduced last month. For the technology giant, Vision Pro is a kind of measure to maintain positive sales dynamics. The company also considers the release of the device as an effort aimed at implementing a strategy to promote the mixed reality industry. The headset will have its own visionOS operating system and a special app store.

At the beginning of next year, Vision Pro will appear on the US market. Later, sales of this device will be launched in other countries.

Initially, the technology giant planned to sell 1 million units of the headset during the first year of Vision Pro’s presence on the market, but reduced the quantitative indicators of the plan more than twice, to about 400 thousand devices.

The media reports that the main technical difficulty of Vision Pro is the creation of internal displays with high resolution. The user’s eyes are projected onto the outside world. This technical feature slows down the pace of the production process.

The tech giant is also currently developing a more affordable version of the device in cooperation with Korean display manufacturers. This is reported by the media concerning two people who are aware of the relevant activities of Apple.

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