AWS Launches New GenAI-Powered Assistants

Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Tuesday, April 30, announced the universal availability of its virtual assistants based on generative artificial intelligence, which are designed to solve business-related tasks and software development.

AWS Launches New GenAI-Powered Assistants

Amazon Q Developer generates code, tests, debugs and implements new code based on developer requests. This is one of the new assistants mentioned in the AWS press release published on Tuesday.

Amazon Q Developer also generates code suggestions and recommendations in near real-time. Moreover, this digital assistant can autonomously perform tasks such as software updates, scanning, and subsequent remediation of security vulnerabilities.

Amazon Q Business helps employees get answers to questions about company policies, products, business results, code base, personnel, and other aspects of firms and organizations. This digital assistant generates materials based on business data. The mentioned virtual product connects to more than 40 business tools. This digital assistant also maintains security and privacy. Besides, Amazon Q Business provides access to insights. Dr. Swami Sivasubramanian, AWS Vice president of Artificial Intelligence and Data, says that after this service was announced in re:Invent, a significant increase in the productivity of business users and developers was recorded.

Amazon Q Apps was also launchedThis digital assistant allows employees to build apps using artificial intelligence based on their company’s database. It is also noteworthy that the consumer can interact with the mentioned virtual solution by communicating only in natural language.

AWS is currently one of the most significant units of Amazon, which also owns the best American delivery service. This component of the functional system allows the e-commerce giant to move towards gaining positions as a major player in the technology sector.

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