AWS Launches New Service for AI Applications

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched a new technology product called Amazon Bedrock.

AWS Launches New Service for AI Applications

The specified product is a fully managed service through which users can access the basic developments of leading companies that operate in the artificial intelligence industry through a single application programming interface (API).

This proposal is one of several technological solutions for the creation of machine intelligence that were announced by AWS last Thursday, September 28. This arm of Amazon is ready to help organizations of any size develop apps using artificial intelligence, increase employee productivity, and contribute to the activation of the business transformation process. The corresponding goals were indicated in the AWS press release published on September 28.

Amazon Bedrock has a number of capabilities, among which the already mentioned ability to offer customers high-performance basic models of machine intelligence from such representatives of the high-tech industry, including AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, Stability AI, and Amazon itself. These configurations of artificial intelligence can be used in various application scenarios, including search and content creation as a kind of elementary tasks, and solving more complex problems, for example, drug discovery.

The new service provides consumers with the opportunity to experiment with various models of machine intelligence and configure them taking into account their own confidential data, ensuring a high level of security of arrays of information.

AWS has also developed Amazon CodeWhisperer. This is an artificial intelligence-based coding software. This offer is intended to increase the level of productivity of developers. The relevant information is contained in the AWS press release. This software provides users with personalized code suggestions. In this case, the internal code base of the organization is taken into account. Developers can safely use this database to improve the results of their activities and increase efficiency. CodeWhisperer offers are adapted according to the requirements of each organization.

AWS has also launched generating Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities in Amazon QuickSight. This unified service helps analysts create and customize visual effects using natural language commands. In this case, time is saved due to the absence of the need to draw diagrams and adjust them manually.

Some companies have already used AWS offerings in the sphere of generative artificial intelligence. For example, Adidas has applied Amazon Bedrock to develop an AI solution with which engineers can access information and answers from their knowledge base through a single dialog interface. GoDaddy uses this offer to create an artificial intelligence-generating service that simplifies the process of setting up online businesses for customers.

Experts say that generative AI has forever changed the way people create new ideas and content. At the current stage of technological development of human civilization, one of the main issues is the extent of penetration of the digital mind into the space of human thinking and activity. Many experts tend to believe that AI will be primarily an auxiliary tool. At the same time, there is an opinion about the potential of artificial intelligence to displace a person from the sphere of creative activity. Both points of view are assumptions since this question concerns the prospects of the future, which are difficult to predict as accurately as possible.

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