AWS Launches HealthScribe

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced its intention to help clinics save time spent on summarizing visits to medical institutions by patients.

AWS Launches HealthScribe

As part of the implementation of its intention, this company has released the AWS HealthScribe tool, which creates documentation for clinics using the speech recognition mechanism and generative artificial intelligence. The relevant information is contained in the company’s press release, which was published last Wednesday, July 26.

AWS Vice President for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Services Bratin Saha says that the firm’s customers and partners who operate in the healthcare sector have repeatedly stated that they would like to spend as little time as possible on creating, maintaining, and operating basic medical information processing capabilities. This group of consumers of the company’s services also notes interest in additional time for the development and implementation of innovative solutions for clinical care and patient research.

Bratin Saha stated that working with documents is particularly costly in terms of the time required to carry out this activity within the framework of standard information processing practices. According to him, tools such as HealthScribe provide healthcare software vendors with the opportunity to use a single application programming interface to create transcripts, extract details, including medical terms and drug names, and create summaries based on the content of a doctor-patient conversation. This AI-based tool functions automatically.

Some experts say that the use of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector has huge potential and with a high degree of probability can change the mechanism of decision-making and diagnosis. In their opinion, AI-based tools can be used in biomedical research, cancer diagnostics, the development of certain specialized products, and modeling recommendations for the organization of the treatment process.

At the same time, other experts are cautious about the prospects of machine intelligence in the healthcare sector. They note that the effectiveness of the AI model depends on the database on which it was trained, and information in the medical industry has its own specifics. According to them, the task of scaling tools based on artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector while maintaining a high level of patient safety is very difficult.

Erik Duhaime, co-founder, and CEO of data annotation provider Centaur Labs, says that the use of AI models in the medical services space will be effective only in the case of a high-quality training base.

Also, not all patients are currently ready for the fact that artificial intelligence will become an organic part of the healthcare sector. According to the results of an industry study, it was recorded that 60% of U.S. adults experience discomfort when a doctor uses AI in his work to diagnose diseases and recommend treatment methods.

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