Revolut Launches Accounts for Non-US Citizens in US

Those who are lawfully in the US but don’t have SSNs can now get a Revolut account

Revolut Launches Accounts for Non-US Citizens in the US

Revolut announced its new offering – accounts to non-US citizens who lawfully reside in the US, without obtaining an SSN/ITIN.

Students, visitors, employees and other individuals who have legal reasons to stay in the US will now get access to many of Revolut’s everyday money management products, as well as international-related features. These include global debit cards, low-fee currency exchange and international transfers, and early salary access (up to 2 days).

At the same time, new account owners won’t have access to Revolut’s credit products and investment features e.g. Stocks and Savings Vaults.

To apply for such an account, non-US citizens in the US need a government-issued ID and a valid US visa.

According to Revolut, there are about 2.5 million people in the US who do not have an SSN or ITIN and legally reside in the country based on some sort of visa. Over 1 million of these non-US citizens are students.

This population category is often ignored by financial institutions, lacking access to cost-effective financial services and finance management options. Revolut aims to fill this gap with its global financial super-app, which has over 30 million customers signed up.

Recently, Revolut’s super-app has received another attractive feature called Stores. It provides an instant cashback mechanism in the amount of up to 3% for brands and retailers that are listed in the application.

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