AWS Launches Program to Help Customers Implement Generative AI

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the launch of a program designed to accelerate the process of implementing artificial intelligence by consumers.

AWS Launches Program to Help Customers Implement Generative AI

The new AWS Generative AI innovation center will unite the company’s artificial intelligence and machine learning specialists with customers and partners around the world within a single organization. The relevant information is contained in the AWS press release.

Matt Garman, senior vice president of sales, marketing, and global services at AWS, says that the functioning of the innovation center is part of the path to the goal, which is to help the maximum number of organizations implement AI. As part of the relevant activities, the company will offer flexible and cost-effective generative artificial intelligence services to consumers. Also in this case, clients will interact with a team of specialists, which will allow them to take advantage of all possible advantages of advanced technology.

The press release contains information that the new program provides free seminars and training for clients. As part of these events, consumers will receive information about options for using the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence in business.

The program will also create a format for close customer interaction with AWS experts, the practical result of which will be the development and launch of AI-based solutions.

Matt Garman stated that the company, together with a global community of partners, cooperates with business industry leaders to provide them with the opportunity to use generative artificial intelligence as effectively as possible and at the same time create technology value for employees and consumers.

Earlier, AWS announced other initiatives related to artificial intelligence. In April, a service was launched with which companies can create generative AI tools. For example, the Amazon Bedrock application provides customers with access to basic artificial intelligence models developed by AWS and other companies. Also in April, a proposal for the general availability of server resources was launched. This solution reduces the cost of running generative AI and reduces the energy consumption associated with the process of using advanced technology.

In March, AWS and NVIDIA announced the beginning of cooperation to create a next-generation artificial intelligence infrastructure that will be optimized for teaching large language models and application development. As part of this interaction, consumers are provided with opportunities to generate answers to questions and create codes, videos and images, and speech recognition tools.

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