Baidu’s AI Chatbot to Power Samsung’s New Galaxy S24 Smartphones

Baidu AI Cloud integrates its Ernie chatbot into Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphones, the use of which in new devices of the South Korean manufacturer, in addition to many functions, will provide users with the opportunity to translate conversations during phone calls.

Baidu’s AI Chatbot to Power Samsung’s New Galaxy S24 Smartphones

The mentioned chatbot is a kind of response from the Chinese technology giant to the OpenAI ChatGPT digital product, which is similar in terms of purpose. Such developments based on artificial intelligence technology can generate answers, formulated within the framework of the paradigm of the logic of human thinking, to consumer requests.

Last week, Samsung unveiled its latest Galaxy S24 line with machine intelligence features. By using artificial intelligence in devices, the company aims to increase its competitiveness and strengthen its market position. The brand also expects that applying AI will allow it to overtake Apple.

In a joint statement, Baidu and Samsung noted that thanks to Ernie’s ability to understand and generate, the updated Note Assistant can translate content and summarize voluminous arrays of information into understandable, intelligently organized formats at the click of a button, optimizing large texts.

This collaboration between the two tech giants is to some extent notable for the fact that the South Korean manufacturer has never been among the Top 5 brands in the Chinese smartphone market.

In 2023, Apple became the largest supplier of mobile phones to China. Data from the IDC analytical company, released last Thursday, January 25, indicate that Tim Cook’s company’s share in the mentioned commercial space was 17.3% last year.

The most powerful version of the Ernie chatbot called 4.0 was launched in October. Baidu stated that this digital product configuration has all the capabilities of generation, reasoning, understanding, and memory. Separately, the tech giant noted that the capabilities of its chatbot have a level of development comparable to GPT-4 from OpenAI.

The company’s CEO Robin Li said during the Baidu World 2023 event in October that the 4.0 configuration was significantly improved compared to the online version of Ernie bot.

At the end of December, the tech giant released data that the number of users of its chatbot exceeded the landmark mark of 100 million people. This figure was achieved just four months after the digital product was introduced to the general public. Currently, Baidu is actively competing with such Chinese technology heavyweights as Tencent and Alibaba in the sphere of generative artificial intelligence.

The number of active ChatGPT users reached 100 million two months after the launch of this digital product in November 2022.

The beginning of 2024 turned out to be unfavorable for Baidu. The media published information that an organization that is associated with the Chinese army and oversees cyber warfare has tested its artificial intelligence system on Ernie. The technology giant denied these data, stating that it was not involved in any cooperation with a structure associated with the armed forces of an Asian country.

Against the background of the mentioned news, the value of Baidu shares has decreased by 7.53% since the beginning of 2024.

IDC analysts are convinced that in 2024 the number of artificial intelligence functions integrated into personal devices, including smartphones, will increase, due to the development of semiconductor technologies.

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