Basware Announces Integration With Amazon Business

Basware, a provider of solutions designed for accounts payable automation and procurement, announced integration with Amazon Business.

Basware Announces Integration With Amazon Business

The mentioned interaction between the two companies is focused on streamlining purchases and procurement for customers. The relevant information is contained in a press release that Basware published last Monday, July 1.

The new integrated search feature of Amazon Business provides users with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the products they are interested in on the virtual platform of the same name. Also, in this case, consumers can check out directly in the Basware procurement system.

In a press release published on Monday, it is noted that procurement leaders combine numerous responsibilities, facing various difficulties, including supply management, lack of transparency, and rough purchasing. The relevant problems belong to the category of factors that directly affect the final profit of companies. Solving the specified tasks is extremely important in the context of optimizing procurement processes and achieving business success. In this case, the method of action includes, among other things, solutions such as reducing risks and increasing transparency through automation.

A press release released on July 1 also notes that Basware Procurement provides a consumer-style shopping marketplace for businesses. On the corresponding platform, users are allowed to buy goods from several suppliers. This functional system in the Basware digital ecosystem coexists with the accounts payable automation platform.

The practical result of the integration announced on July 1 will be that customers will be able to browse and compare products from Amazon Business and other suppliers. In this case, users are allowed to verify goods details, delivery options, and payment methods. The relevant information is contained in the Basware press release. It is also separately noted that similar to the Amazon consumer shopping experience service, customers can easily add items, return to their Basware Procurement basket, and proceed to checkout with just a few clicks.

Last month, Amazon Business presented new technological features. These solutions are designed to help large business customers simplify the process of purchasing goods necessary for their activities.

Control over the implementation of commercial operations such as procurement is currently particularly important because there is a tendency in the global economy to reduce the level of stability. The mentioned state of affairs contains significant risks, the materialization of which is realistic. In this case, it implies such negative consequences of a low level of stability in the global economic space as liquidity problems, increased financial threats, and disruptions in supply chains.

In the context of countering the mentioned risks, B2B companies should give priority to reliable procurement strategies. Also, in this case, an important tool for combating threats is the practice of using digital technologies that improve procurement activities. It is worth noting that outdated programs for performing the mentioned activities are complex and depend on multi-stage processes. New solutions in this functional area are the time spent by managers on checking purchases. Also, using digital technologies, they can identify sectors in which savings goals can be achieved and implement cost control measures without compromising quality and operational efficiency.

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