Belfast Awards £18.9 Million Grant for Cyber AI Hub

The Minister of State of Northern Ireland, Steve Baker, announced the decision of the UK government to allocate investment funds for 18.8 million pounds for the development of the security industry in this country.

Belfast Awards £18.9 Million Grant for Cyber AI Hub


As part of the development of financial resources that the British government plans to allocate, specialists in the field of cybersecurity will be involved in the work. Investments will also be directed to help startups of the appropriate profile.

In Belfast, in the process of disbursing investment funds, will be built a The Center for Cyber-Artificial Intelligence. This facility will operate based on the Center for Secure Information Technologies.

Eight organizations, including Nvidia, will work in the new Center. They will focus their efforts on creating technological solutions to ensure a high level of security in the virtual space. In the course of work, organizations will give preference to technologies based on artificial intelligence.

Steve Baker said that the appearance of the Center will lead to the creation of new jobs and will improve the situation in the economy of Northern Ireland. He also noted that the development of investment funds will allow the country to ensure leadership in the field of cybersecurity.

Steve Baker says that Northern Ireland has world-class experience in this industry. The minister said that the country’s leadership is striving to do everything possible for the appearance of first-class cybersecurity specialists.

Steve Baker is convinced that the funding will have an immediate positive impact on the cyber sector. He also said that a British conference on security in virtual space will be held in Belfast in April, during which, according to his expectations, Northern Ireland will be recognized as a global cybersecurity center.

The President and Vice-Chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast, Professor Ian Greer, said that over the past 15 years, the institution has helped to put Northern Ireland on the map of digital innovation. He also announced the expectation of further development of advanced research within the framework of a broader Global Innovation Institute funded by the Belfast Region City Deal.

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