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BlueSnap Reaches $10 Million Settlement With FTC

BlueSnap and its former CEO settled with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for knowingly processing payment transactions for deceptive and fraudulent companies.

BlueSnap Reaches $10 Million Settlement With FTC

The mentioned payment company, former CEO Ralph Dangelmaier, and senior vice president Terry Monteith have agreed to turn over more than $10 million to consumers. The firm also promised to stop providing payment transaction processing services for certain high-risk customers.

In a federal court complaint, the FTC charged BlueSnap and its officers with being involved in processing millions of dollars worth of credit card payments for ACRO Services, despite substantial evidence that the company was fraudulent. It is also noted that BlueSnap, Ralph Dangelmaier, and Terry Monteith ignored glaring warnings that the mentioned firm deceived consumers from at least 2019 to 2021.

The FTC also alleges that BlueSnap continued to process payment transactions for ACRO Services despite Visa reports that stated that between 29% and 40% of the company’s relevant operations were disputed as fraudulent. The relevant activity did not stop even after American Express contacted Terry Monteith directly with a request to close down ACRO Services accounts.

Moreover, BlueSnap’s internal fraud monitoring team has informed Ralph Dangelmaier and Terry Monteith that the mentioned firm is defrauding consumers. After that, no action was taken to close down the accounts of ACRO Services.

BlueSnap was also accused of processing payment transactions for other companies involved in fraudulent practices.

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