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Brite Payments Teams Up With Northe to Enhance EV Charging

Northe, a one-stop platform for electric vehicle (EV) charging, will now provide customers with a more streamlined payment process due to the partnership with Brite Payments, a Stockholm-based instant bank payments provider.

Brite Payments Teams Up With Northe to Enhance EV Charging

Swedish electric vehicle (EV) charging platform Northe has partnered with local instant payment provider Brite Payments to equip leasing companies with a streamlined way to reimburse drivers for home EV charging and provide a more convenient payment process to its customers.

Northe charging solution is connected to an extensive public, semi-public, and private partner network. Its all-in-one platform facilitates and automates the management of everyday EV charging needs for fleet owners. Individual drivers can also access Northe services free of charge, leveraging the firm’s CPO network, route planning and expense management offering.

Through the Northe charging app, both private and business customers can access thousands of charging stations served by multiple operators. Besides charging itself, the unified platform removes friction in the payment and reimbursement process.

Fresh collaboration with Brite Payments fintech empowers Northe to access Brite’s instant account-to-account (A2A) payments and payouts based on Europe’s open banking infrastructure.

The initial use case will be applying the Brite Instant Payouts solution to equip leasing companies with a streamlined way to reimburse drivers for home EV charging. Northe will also use Brite Data Solutions (open banking-enabled AIS – Account Information Services) to verify account holder information for reimbursements.

“With Brite, we can give leasing companies the tools they need to simplify the reimbursement process and give users a more seamless charging experience. Payment and reimbursement processes are a critical factor in customer retention and satisfaction in our dynamic and fast-moving industry.”

Abdulwahid Ahmed, Chief Operations Officer, Northe

Sweden is one of the global leaders in e-mobility services, fueling the transition to sustainable transportation. At the same time, the country, like the rest of the world, faces significant infrastructure challenges. They are especially evident for businesses managing charging, payments and reimbursements for commercial EV fleets.

Companies like Northe help facilitate EV adoption, partnering with rental car companies to make EV rentals more attractive for customers by offering a convenient all-in-one charging and payment solution.

“Northe is proof that Nordic companies are tackling the challenges of EV transformation head on, with innovative solutions that help facilitate the green transition. We’re excited to be supporting Northe’s mission, starting with our Data and Instant Payouts solutions, to make EV charging services simpler and more intuitive. With Northe expanding rapidly and offering services across a growing number of European countries, Brite is also well positioned to support their future growth aspirations.”

Sebastian Pruszynski, VP – Business Development, Brite Payments

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