Microsoft Forms AI Partnership With Startup Semafor

Microsoft has launched a partnership in the artificial intelligence industry with a news startup called Semafor.

Microsoft Forms AI Partnership With Startup Semafor

The firm, which is at the initial stage of its existence and has become a partner of the technology giant in the area of machine intelligence, on Monday, February 5, announced the future use of OpenAI and Microsoft tools to create news stories with a global news feed from several sources.

The startup noted that the specified message feed will respond to deep and ongoing changes in the global media landscape and so-called post-social news. Moreover, this digital product will capture the risks and take advantage of the opportunities associated with artificial intelligence.

The parties to the partnership did not disclose information about the financial aspect of the cooperation agreement. At the same time, the media, citing an anonymous insider, reported on Monday that in this case, the startup’s business will receive a significant amount of money.

The emergency message feed, which is called Signals, will provide users with up-to-date news and analytical information materials. The frequency of posting publications in the functional space of this digital product will be about ten times a day. The startup claims that its virtual platform will feature opinions on world events and processes from around the world. The company paid special attention to the fact that in this case the texts will be written by people. The startup plans to use artificial intelligence as a research tool.

In a sense, Signals will become an aggregator of news with AI.

The media reports that Microsoft will soon announce the beginning of cooperation with other journalistic organizations. According to preliminary information, the giant of the advanced technology industry will establish partnerships with the Craig Newmark School of Journalism, the Online News Association, and the GroundTruth project.

Currently, news organizations around the world are facing artificial intelligence as a kind of challenge. These organizations strive to maximize the benefits of machine intelligence. At the same time, in the context of the presence of AI in the media area, the issue of security is being updated. In the space of public discourse, there are concerns that artificial intelligence may begin to generate information materials to manipulate public consciousness and promote in the cognitive sector the social and political meanings of certain narratives that do not correspond to the principles of a fair and objective perception of what is happening in reality. Journalists worry that the benefits of AI can transform into a source of threat to the media.

Late last year, the New York Times filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Microsoft and OpenAI. The newspaper said that technology companies used its content to develop their products based on machine intelligence without obtaining prior permission.

OpenAI spokesperson stated that this firm respects the rights of creators and content owners and strives to interact with them to ensure that benefits are derived from artificial intelligence and new revenue models.

It is worth noting that in the era of intensive development of advanced technologies, the issue of cybersecurity is being updated at all levels and in all formats of a kind of relationship between a person and the digital environment. Artificial intelligence faces some excessive alarmism in public perception, but there are still potential threats in this case. At the same time, the risks associated with AI are still a theoretical assumption. For this reason, catastrophic descriptions of the consequences of the large-scale use of artificial intelligence should not be interpreted as accurate scenarios of the future. Competent monitoring and compliance with the principle of responsible development can ensure the safety of the process of applying AI.

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