Chase Powers New Rewards for Amazon Prime Visa Cardholders

Chase and Amazon have introduced new rewards and money-back opportunities for Amazon Visa cardholders.

Chase Powers New Rewards for Amazon Prime Visa Cardholders


Credit cards debuted on Monday, May 1 with new names — Prime Visa and Amazon Visa. The design has also been updated. Prime Visa holders have the opportunity to refund 5% of the funds. Holders of the second type of card will be able to return 3% of the funds.

Refunds are possible if purchases are made through Chase Travel, the new and improved Chase travel booking platform. This is stated in the press release of Amazon.

Prime Visa and Amazon Visa cardholders can now also get 2% back on local transit and commuting, including rideshare services.

William Mahoney, general manager of Amazon Visa cards at Chase, says that the ability to make a profit as a result of using cards and the presence of bonus points earned during purchases increase the value of these payment instruments.

Also, cardholders can receive, view and redeem rewards daily, not monthly.

The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card will retain the $0 annual fee but requires an Amazon Prime membership, which costs $139 per year.

The new features were launched a few days after Amazon announced a partnership between its Amazon Pay service and Citi, allowing Citi credit card users to pay for purchases over time. Omar Sudodi, director of Amazon Pay, said that customers need flexibility in payment methods, and sellers want to meet this demand but do not always have the appropriate opportunity.

Both credit card programs are being implemented at a time when 80 million American consumers of financial services are expressing concerns about the reliability of lending. Special social surveys indicate that more than 65% of respondents have a poor understanding of the principle by which the credit score system is formed.

Experts say that most of the consumers of financial services exist in the credit continuum, and many factors can alienate them from security. Sometimes people, not knowing the full breadth of choice, choose fraudulent products. At the same time, financial organizations have the opportunity to create tools that neutralize security risks.


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