ChatGPT and Bing AI to Sit as Panellists at Fintech Conference

For the first time in history, chatbots based on artificial intelligence will participate in a conference on the development of the fintech industry.

ChatGPT and Bing AI to Sit as Panellists at Fintech Conference


The conference will be held at the Gilmore Center for Financial Technology this week. The event with the participation of chatbots is part of a series of seminars within the framework of the conference, which will last two days.

The organizers will record each of the seminars and transmit text transcripts via OpenAI ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing artificial intelligence to create a report on the event. Chatbots will also take part in the discussion of issues that will be considered during the conference and communication with people.

Previously, these artificial intelligence models were negatively criticized for providing incorrect answers to search queries, but they have been upgraded, as a result of which their level of thinking has become much higher. Chatbots inherit the specifics of human consciousness and continue to develop in this direction.

OpenAI has released a new version of ChatGPT called GPT-4. The new model, according to the developers, has more opportunities for creative thinking, is less prone to invent facts that have nothing to do with objective reality, and has a lower degree of bias in assessing certain problems.

Professor Ram Gopal, director of the Gillmore Center for Financial Technology, says that the goal of the chatbot experiment is to provide the audience with access to the research and insights embodied in these language models and to challenge the participants of the discussion and the audience in a different way.

The Gillmore Center for Financial Technology was established by the Warwick Business School with a donation of 3 million pounds. The donations were provided by Clive Gillmore, who is the founder and CEO of Mondrian Investment Partners Group. Professor Ram Gopal says that the Center is a place where researchers, policymakers, industry leaders, and technology entrepreneurs can come together and explore new opportunities and ideas.

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