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DoorDash Reportedly Tests AI Chatbot

The media reports that DoorDash is currently testing a chatbot based on artificial intelligence.

DoorDash Reportedly Tests AI Chatbot

According to journalists, the company intends to use a new generation of technology order to simplify the ordering process and help consumers find suitable dishes. The media reports that the DashAI restaurant aggregator software is currently being used on a limited scale in individual markets, about which there is no data, as part of a pilot project.

In this case, the idea of using a digital product based on machine intelligence comes from the company’s intention to provide customers with an algorithm for recommending restaurant services, which has a higher level of personalization compared to existing mechanisms of a similar functional profile. AI will give recommendations to consumers in the form of text prompts containing information such as ratings of catering establishments, price range, and menu options.

There is also information that in this case a search engine based on artificial intelligence will be used. This solution is an alternative to scrolling the menu, which provides a higher level of ease of operation and is characterized by greater speed. The experimental restaurant aggregator software is supplied to customers with a warning that the degree of accuracy of recommendations provided by machine intelligence may vary.

In the United States, industry research suggests that consumers are ready to interact with restaurants and companies providing similar services, in the digital dimension. For example, since the beginning of this year in the United States, the number of orders made using applications, websites or aggregator tools has shown an increase of 11%. At the same time, conversational artificial intelligence technology has been integrated into the operation system of fast food restaurants (QSR), such as Wendy’s and Del Taco. This solution allows you to automate the process of accepting orders drive-thru.

In May, the product delivery giant Instacart announced the integration of its machine intelligence-based tool and data array with OpenAI ChatGPT technology. This solution made it possible to implement the Ask Instacart search function, which is designed to provide suggestions and answers to questions.

The news that DoorDash has started the test integration of artificial intelligence technology into the structure of its activities came after the company made changes to service offerings and the system of partnerships with other firms. For example, in June, the aggregator added the ability to pay through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) by electronic benefits transfer (EBT). In the same month, DoorDash announced the beginning of cooperation with Edible, to offer on-demand delivery from almost 1000 stores of the partner’s retail network, which are known for gift compositions made of sweets and fruits.

As we have reported earlier, DoorDash Takes Tip From Grubhub With Amazon Canada Partnership.

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