E-commerce in Turkey is about to grow 18.5% this year

The launch of Amazon Turkey last month is another evidence of the rapid growth of the Turkish market

E-commerce in Turkey is about to grow 18.5% this year. Source:

As Ecommerce News reported yesterday, expectations are the online retail industry of Turkey will reach 50 billion Turkish liras (about 7.59 billion euros) by the end of this year. Last year, the industry was worth 42.2 billion liras, or 6.4 billion euros. This means e-commerce in Turkey is about to grow 18.5% this year.

A report by Deloitte shows the e-commerce industry in Turkey was at 4.68 billion euros in 2016. Taking all these numbers into account, it shows that the Turkish e-commerce is developing at a significant speed.

Daily Sabah writes that 6 million (11.11%) out of 54 million internet users in Turkey shopped online last year. That’s not very much, but according to Emre Ekmekçi, chairman of the E-commerce Businesses Association, internet penetration in Turkey is increasing rapidly, with smartphone penetration scoring above the global average.

Turkey has a conscious consumer profile that can adapt rapidly to the digital environment. This has been confirmed by large global retail and e-commerce companies entering our country with awareness of this potential. In addition, investments by foreign players in Turkey indicate that our national economy and e-commerce sector have a huge growth potential
Emre Ekmeku00e7i, chairman of the E-commerce Businesses Association

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