Elon Musk Says to Make AI Safe Requires New Model and Regulations

Elon Musk strives not only for a new model of generative artificial intelligence but also for the creation of a system of government regulation of this sphere.

Elon Musk Says to Make AI Safe Requires New Model and Regulations


Musk stated that he intends to create a third version of AI, having previously noted that in this arena two heavyweights are associated with large companies. He recalled that the creator of ChatGPT OpenAI works closely with Microsoft, and DeepMind belongs to Google. Musk also admitted that he is entering the game quite late.

The owner of Twitter said that his TruthGPT will be the most truthful artificial intelligence. He also said that this AI model will be aimed at understanding the nature of the universe. According to Musk, this concept formulation of priority is the safest. He justifies this statement by the fact that artificial intelligence, striving to understand the Universe in terms of its root causes and essential content, is unlikely to strive for the destruction of humanity, since it is an interesting part of this global space.

Musk also stated that it is extremely difficult to predict which scenario will develop worldwide events after AI surpasses humans in terms of the level of intellectual abilities. He noted that the need for government control is because artificial intelligence can potentially be dangerous for human civilization. Musk noted that he has long been a supporter of external regulation of this industry.

Analyzing the experience of working in regulated areas, including the automotive industry and rocket engineering, the entrepreneur said that it is not easy to carry out activities within the framework set from the outside, but his companies have always adhered to the principle of compliance with the rules and generally agree with the regulatory framework.

Musk noted that regulators should initially get an idea of what artificial intelligence is, then find out the opinion of the industry, and then begin to develop rules. He also admitted that the main players in the field of AI are likely to accept these rules reluctantly. Musk is convinced that control increases the chances that artificial intelligence will benefit humanity rather than cause its demise.

Actively developing the capabilities of artificial intelligence in combination with numerous use cases is a problem for regulators that they are trying to solve. The influence of AI is only gaining momentum and is beyond doubt. For example, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, said that artificial intelligence in terms of its impact on society and the business environment has a deeper effect on transforming the environment compared to fire and electricity.

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