Foodcellar Market Launches Contactless Scan and Pay Shopping

In New York, Foodcellar Market stores now have the ability to scan products using a smartphone and pay for purchases by a mobile device.

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In order to take advantage of the new opportunity, visitors to shopping establishments must initially gain access to the scanning and payment system by scanning a QR code at the entrance to the store. After the buyers have scanned all the selected products and paid for them, they additionally confirm their payment. To do this, you need to scan another QR code at the exit of the store.

Foodcellar Market co-founder Metin Mangut, commenting on the introduction of the new payment system, said that the customers were surprised by the ease of use of Scan & Pay. The main advantages of this system are the absence of a mandatory condition in the form of installing an application on a smartphone and the absence of the need to study complex technology.

Metin Mangut noted that the employees of the chain stores positively perceived the use of Scan & Pay because for them it means eliminating one of the potential stress factors.

Foodcellar Market is the first retailer to implement Scan & Pay technology developed by Instacart, a grocery delivery company.

Instacart in April last year presented the technology of contactless points of sale based on artificial intelligence, implemented at the Fenway Park baseball field in Boston. Users place purchased items on a device known as a purchase counter, which visually identifies products by shape, color, key characteristics, and size. This solution allows you to make contactless payments.

The Caper Counter is powered by artificial intelligence, including computer vision and sensor fusion technology. Customers place items for purchase on the Caper Counter, where they will be automatically detected and added to the shopping cart for checkout.

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