Fourth US State Adds Support for Apple Digital ID

Apple users in another US state can now create and store digital versions of their driving licence or state ID documents in Wallet

Apple Digital IDs US


Apple Digital ID service is now available in the US State of Georgia. The tool allows iPhone or Apple Watch owners to store their driving licences or state ID documents in the Apple Wallet and use the digital document versions to verify their identity by tapping their device at selected Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checkpoints.

The TSA has also confirmed that users will be able to verify their identity with their Apple device using a designated security checkpoint at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Therefore, the travel experience for passengers of the airport will become even more convenient since their iPhones and Apple Watches can now act as both their IDs and boarding pass.

Previously, Apple digital IDs rolled out in Arizona, Maryland and Colorado. Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah and the territory of Puerto Rico have also confirmed plans to roll out the service in the future.

To add a driver’s license or state ID to Apple Wallet, one should use the Wallet app. To complete the upload of the document, a person must complete a series of head or facial movements. For example, you might be asked to smile or turn your head to the right. After performing the required movements, you take a selfie.

The added driver’s license or state ID data are encrypted. The company states that neither the state issuing authority nor Apple can see when and where customers use their licenses or IDs. Besides, biometric authentication using Face ID and Touch ID helps make sure you’re the only one who can view and use your stored documents.

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